The Visual Elements

1) Which of the visual elements can best be described as “the path of a moving point”?

A) Motion

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The Visual Elements
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B) Time

C) Line

D) Light

2) During the 20th century, which of the following became a recognized element of art?

A) Motion

B) Texture

C) Color

D) Line

3) What element is most often used to indicate boundaries between forms?

A) Contour lines

B) Ground

C) Intensity

D) Foreshortening

4) In art, shapes that suggest forms found in nature are called ________ shapes.

A) organic

B) real

C) geometric

D) environmental

5) Raphael’s The Madonna of the Meadows is composed using what implied shape?

A) Trapezoid

B) Square

C) Triangle

D) Circle

6) What two basic visual cues are used to imply depth in the 18th-century Indian painting of Maharana Amar Singh and others watching musicians and acrobats?

A) Chiaroscuro and hatching

B) Atmospheric perspective and foreshortening

C) Implied line and a vanishing point

D) Position and overlap

7) A black-and-white photograph of a scene eliminates the hues and intensities of the scene’s colors but captures the ________ of the colors.

A) pigments

B) chromas

C) harmonies

D) values

8) In drawing, the outer boundaries of two-dimensional forms are defined by ________, while the outer boundaries perceived among three-dimensional forms are defined by ________.

A) visual elements; principles of design

B) outlines; contour lines

C) thick lines; thin lines

D) actual lines; implied lines

9) In painting and drawing, artists often use the technique of ________ to describe the way shadows and light define the shape of forms.

A) refraction

B) isometric perspective

C) simultaneous contrast

D) chiaroscuro

10) What technique, illustrated in Charles White’s Untitled, uses parallel lines to suggest value?

A) Hatching

B) Atmospheric perspective

C) Impasto

D) Foreshortening

11) What term describes the use of light and shadow to give a three-dimensional appearance to shapes in a two-dimensional work?

A) Pointillism

B) Figure

C) Ground

D) Model

12) In the additive process of color mixing, red light, green light, and blue light combine to produce ________ light.

A) yellow

B) black

C) white

D) green

13) Mixing two primary colors produces a ________ color.

A) secondary

B) passive

C) complementary

D) triad

14) What term is used to describe a color lighter than a hue’s normal value?

A) Tint

B) Shade

C) Chroma

D) Palette

15) In the subtractive color process, what are the secondary colors?

A) Orange

B) Green

C) Violet

D) Blue-green

E) Yellow

F) Blue

16) Works that use a(n) ________ harmony feature any three colors equidistant from each other on the color wheel.

A) analogous

B) complementary

C) triadic

D) open

17) What technique uses dots of color to create a specific optical effect?

A) Stippling

B) Modeling

C) Pointillism

D) Chiaroscuro

18) What are some expressive characteristics associated with the color blue?

A) Freedom

B) Calm

C) Passion

D) Anxiety

E) Quiet

F) Love

19) What is a necessary feature of pattern?

A) Texture

B) Color

C) Modeling

D) Repetition

20) Where is the vanishing point in Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper?

A) In the upper left corner of the image

B) Just behind the head of the figure of Jesus

C) Below the horizon line

D) At the top center of the image

21) Art that moves is called ________ art.

A) kinetic

B) trompe l’oeil

C) directional

D) modeled

22) In Albrecht Dürer’s woodcut The Draftsman Drawing a Reclining Nude, the draftsman is using a device to help him achieve the effect of ________.

A) foreshortening

B) chiaroscuro

C) the illusion of motion

D) simultaneous contrast

23) The use of atmospheric perspective is a prominent aspect of which work?

A) Hidden Relief by Sarah Sze

B) Lake George by John Frederick Kensett

C) Chanter by Emmi Whitehorse

D) The Chief: He Who Sold Africa to the Colonists by Samuel Fosso

24) Many still-life works attempt to capture what artistic element?

A) Actual texture

B) Isometric perspective

C) Linear perspective

D) Visual texture

Chapter 5:

The principles of Design

1) What is the term for the organization of visual elements in two-dimensional art?

A) Taste

B) Composition

C) Context

D) Pictorial space

E) Visual weight

2) What features are NOT considered principles of design?

A) Unity and variety

B) Emphasis and subordination

C) Balance and rhythm

D) Texture and color

E) Proportion and scale

3) The Mandala of Jnanadakini shows what kind of balance?

A) Asymmetrical

B) Proportional

C) Radial

D) hierarchical

4) Drawing attention to an area by contrasting dark and light is one way of demonstrating ________.

A) texture

B) scale

C) emphasis

D) symmetry

5) How is scale defined?

A) Color’s relation to value

B) Size in relation to a standard or “normal” size

C) Size relation of parts to the whole

D) Repetition of objects in a work

6) With what principle of design does sculptor Claes Oldenburg often experiment?

A) Symmetry

B) Emphasis

C) Scale

D) Balance

E) Unity

7) What object did the ancient Roman architect Vitruvius relate to the perfect geometry of a circle and square?

A) City plazas

B) Church domes

C) Male human form

D) Constellations

E) Castle arches

8) The Parthenon and the Modulor were both designed according to what feature?

A) The vanishing point

B) The true view

C) The silver mean

D) The golden section

E) The central plan

9) What design principle is based on repetition?

A) Rhythm

B) Balance

C) Emphasis

D) Focal point

10) By positioning the dark, dense image of death next to the billowing, light form representing life, Gustav Klimt’s painting Death and Life demonstrates artistic use of what design principle?

A) Hierarchical scale

B) Symmetrical balance

C) Unity

D) Asymmetrical balance

11) How may the appearance of balance be achieved in a two-dimensional work with asymmetrical balance?

A) Objects mirror each other across a central axis

B) Use of ideal proportions

C) Distribute visual weight accordingly

D) Use of scale to indicate relative importance

12) Rather than depend solely upon visual unity, an artist will sometimes create ________ unity by unifying the ideas in a work of art.

A) proportional

B) invisible

C) conceptual

D) symmetrical

13) What design principle is exemplified in Haruka Kojin’s reflectwo?

A) Symmetrical balance

B) Radial balance

C) The Golden Mean

D) Asymmetrical balance

14) What principle is used in the Thirteen-Diety Jnanadakini Mandala to suggest that there is a logic and order to the universe?

A) Visual weight

B) Asymmetry

C) Proportion

D) Symmetry

15) What kind of unity helps to give Annette Messager’s Mes Voeux meaning?

A) Conceptual

B) Radial

C) Proportional

D) Symmetrical

16) By what method did the ancient Egyptians govern the “correct” proportions of their drawn human figures?

A) Symmetrical balance

B) Visual weight

C) The golden mean

D) A squared grid

17) What feature must be present in a work that is symmetrically balanced?

A) Central axis

B) Hierarchical scale

C) Focal point

D) Golden mean

18) What type of balance gives Pablo Picasso’s Girl Before a Mirror meaning, using variety carefully to depict the subject’s conscious and unconscious sides?

A) Radial symmetry

B) Conceptual

C) Hierarchical scale

D) Symmetrical

19) What is the focus of Tawaraya Sotatsu’s The Zen Priest Choka, emphasized by the artist’s daring use of asymmetrical balance?

A) Imbalance

B) Emptiness

C) The Afterlife

D) Order

E) Rebellion

20) What is another term for asymmetrical balance?

A) Radial balance

B) Visual weight

C) Scale

D) Informal balance

21) What aspect is manipulated to affect the balance of the composition?

A) Golden ratio

B) Meaning

C) Modulor

D) Visual weight

22) How does Henry Ossawa Tanner’s The Banjo Lesson create emphasis?

A) Size and placement of the figures

B) Symmetrical balance

C) Unrealistic scale

D) Bright colors in the background

23) In the work, Plantoir, Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen created shock value through use of ________.

A) symmetry

B) repetition

C) scale

D) abstraction

E) variety

24) What type of design principle is used in the royal altar to the hand (ikegobo), from Benin?

A) Hierarchical scale

B) Golden section

C) Asymmetrical balance

D) Mandala

25) The ancient Roman architect Vitruvius associated the perfected male form with the perfect geometry of what shapes?

A) Square and rectangle

B) Circle and square

C) Triangle and circle

D) Rectangle and triangle

26) The use of scale to indicate relative importance is known as ________ scale.

A) proportional

B) hierarchical

C) golden

D) rhythmic

E) symmetrical

27) On what feature did Le Corbusier construct the Modulor, a tool used for calculating human proportions?

A) Repeating rhythms

B) Hierarchical scale

C) The golden section

D) Visual weight

28) What aspect forms the basis for rhythm in art?

A) Scale

B) Realistic proportions

C) Focal points

D) Repetition

E) A directional line of sight

29) Artists will often add ________ to provide interest and enliven the unity of a work of art.

A) vanishing points

B) variety

C) golden rectangles

D) primary colors

30) What feature of James McNeill Whistler’s work, Billingsgate, creates rhythm?

A) Vertical lines of ship masts

B) Wavelike, horizontal bars

C) Repeating colored circles

D) Strong use of negative space.To continue with the answer check on

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