Prime factorization, fraction operations and word problems

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Prime factorization, fraction operations and word problems
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10. List the factors of each of the following number for 66.

Using the following list of numbers for exercises 13 and 14:
0, 1, 15, 19, 23, 49, 55, 59, 87, 91, 97, 103, 105,

14. Which of the given numbers are composite?

16. List all the prime numbers between 55 and 75.

22. Social Science. Dr. Mento has a class of 80 students. For a group project, she wants to divide the students into groups of 6, 8, or 10. Is this possible? Explain your answers.

Find the prime factorization of each number?

20. 330

24. Find two factors of 28 with a sum of 11.

Find the greatest common factor for each of the following groups of numbers:
42. 36, 72, and 144

8. What fraction names the shaded part of each of the following figures?
The shaded part is three and the unshaded part is four

18. Business and finance. At lunch, 5 people out of a group of 9 had hamburgers. What fraction names the part of the group who had hamburgers? What fraction names the part who did not have hamburgers?

42. Change to a mixed or whole number: 48/7

60. 13 2/5

14. Statistics. Jeff Bagwell of the Houston Astros has 104 hits in 325 times at bat. Matt Williams of the Arizona Diamond backs has 88 hits in 275 times at bat. Do they have the same batting average?

Write each faction in simplest form:

30. 17/51
42. 42/55

12. 5/21 x 14/25

37. 4 1/5 x 10/21 x 9/20

Evaluate the following. Be sure to use the proper units.

4. 51b/ft x 3ft

26. 3/4 divided 9

38. 5 1/3 divided 2 2/5

46. Business and finance. A piece of land measures 3 3/4 acres and is for sale at $60,000. What is the price per acre?

54. Crafts. Evette has 41 ½ ft of string. She wants to cut it into pieces 3 ¾ ft long. How many pieces of string will she have? How much string remains, if any?

28. Science and medicine. A computer can execute 36 instructions per microsecond. How many instructions can it execute in 4 minutes?To continue with the answer check on

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