Marijuana is used as a medicine for killing pain and relieving a number of symptoms. The use of marijuana in medical practice is, however, not legal in many states in the USA. The medical term for marijuana is “cannabis”.Medical Use of Marijuana Sample Paper When patients go through extreme pain, marijuana is used as a pain reliever. It is also applied to treat chemotherapy patients who have loss of appetite due to nausea. Medical Use of Marijuana Sample Paper The medical use of marijuana as a natural cure has enabled doctors to effectively administer it as a drug for many ailments, including many life threatening illnesses.

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Medical Use of Marijuana Sample Paper
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Cannabis is very effective in treating chronic neck and back pain. Since other pain medications can be addictive, they can cause additional problems to the patient apart from the pain that they have to deal with. Since marijuana is not addictive, it is a much preferred solution to deal with chronic pain. Cannabis can also be used in the place of anti-inflammatory drug, many of which can be addictive. When cannabis is smoked, it provides almost instant relief.

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Another medical condition that Cannabis can provide relief for is gastritis. Some of the symptoms of this disease can be extremely painful and Cannabis can provide instant relief, especially when patients have a flare up. It helps by relaxing the muscles and regulating the pain.

Some of the side effects of the medications used for treating HIV and AIDS include loss of appetite and pain in the body. Cannabis is therefore prescribed for them in an effort to improve their appetite and help them regain the weight they lose. Most of these patients undergo depression due to their condition. Cannabis has also been effective in treating such a state.

Cannabis can also be an effective medicine for alleviating many of the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome or PMS. Many women experience pain, irritability and abdominal cramps before the onset of their periods. Cannabis has proven to be an effective cure for these symptoms.

There has been some controversy over using marijuana for medical purposes. Since it is also abused as a drug, many people have mixed reactions to its use in medicine. However, its efficiency in treating many hard conditions warrants a serious look into its use in medical science.Medical Use of Marijuana Sample Paper