Linear Programming

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Cost functions and linear programming
Write a cost function for the problem. 1. A moving firm charges a flat fee of $40 plus $35. Let C(x) be the cost in dollars of using the moving firm for x hours. 2. Use the echelon method to solve the system 3x – 3y = 33 8 5 = 80 Please see the attached for further details of problems. It is a total of

All-integer linear program: find optimal solutions
1) Consider the following all-integer linear program Max 5X1 + 8X2 s.t. 6X1 + 5X2 <= 30 9X1 + 4X2 <= 36 1X1 + 2X2 <= 10 a) Find the optimal solution to the Relaxation LP. b) Find the optimal solution to the All-inte

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Linear Programming
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Solving a Linear Programming Problem by Using M S Excel
1. The Adams family owns a total of 400 acres of farmland in North Carolina on which they grow corn and tobacco. Each acre of corn costs $125 to plant, cultivate, and harvest; each acre of tobacco costs $235. The Adams family has a budget of $80,000 for next year. The government rules limit the number of acres of tobacco that ca

Formulate the LP model as a spreadsheet using excel solver
The Weedwacker Company manufactures two types of lawn trimmers: an electric model and a gas model. The company has contracted to supply a national discount retail chain with a total of 30,000 electric trimmers and 15,000 gas trimmers. However, Weedwacker’s production capability is limited in three departments: production, assemb

Mathematics – Networks 2 – Assignment Model
1. Five analyst have recently been hired for assignment to five commercial banks on one-to-one basis. The cost of each analyst in each bank is given in the following table. Determine the lowest cost of assignment. Banks Analyst B B B B B

Optimal Assignment Model
1. Engineer Lopez has to assign 4 teams to work on 4 projects. Costs are in thousands of dollars. Determine the least cost of assignment. The cost charged each by team are as follows: Projects Teams A B C D 1 11

Linear Programming: Maximization
Solve the following linear program using the graphical method: Maximize Z = $9×1 + $15×2 Subject to: 3×2 ≤ 18 9×1 + 6×2 ≤ 54 x1, x2 ≥ 0. See the attachment.

Find constants that are not linear
Which of the following constraints are not linear or cannot be included as a constraint in a linear programming problem? 1. 2X1 + X2 – 3X3 > or = 50 2. 2X1 + (X2)0.5 > or = 60 3. 4X1- (1/3)X2 = 75 4. (3X1 + 2X2 – 3X3)/(X1 + X2 + X3) < or = 0.9 5. 3X12 + 7X2 < or = 45 How to solve? MIN 2X1 + 3X2 Sub

A problem which can be formulated as a Transportation problem is given. Formulate and solve it.
Minfly Golf Company manufactures golf balls at Philadelphia, Chicago, and Denver. Cases of golf balls are shipped to warehouses in Orlando, Dallas, and Los Angeles. The following table provides the weekly capacities of the factories and the minimum weekly requirements of the warehouses along with the cost per case to ship betwee

Solving a Linear Programming Model: Example Problem
The Charm City Clothiers Inc. makes coats and slacks. The two resources required are wool cloth and labor. The company has 200 square yards of wool and 300 hours of labor available. Each coat requires 5 square yards of wool and 10 hours of labor, whereas each pair of slacks requires 6 square yards of wool and 4 hours of labor. T

Linear Programming using the Iso-Profit Line Method
Find the optimal solution of the following linear programming problem using the Iso-Profit (objective function) Line method. Min 4x + 5y Subject to 2x + y > 20 x + 3y < 30 x, y > 0.

Linear programming model: On their farm, the Friendly family grows apples that they harvest each fall and make into three products – apple butter, applesauce, and apple jelly. They sell these three items at several local grocery stores …
On their farm, the Friendly family grows apples that they harvest each fall and make into three products – apple butter, applesauce, and apple jelly. They sell these three items at several local grocery stores, at craft fairs in the region, and at their own Friendly Farm Pumpkin Festival for two weeks in October. Their three pri

Two Quantitative Methods Problems
Maximize: Z = 5×1 + 3×2 Subject to: 6×1 + 3×2 <= 18 15×1 + 20×2 <= 60 x1 , x2 >= 0 1. What is the optimal profit? 2.4 6.4 12.0 15.6 21.4 2. What is the value of x1 at the optimal solution? 1.8 2.0 2.4 3.6

Linear Programming (Excel solution attached) Request solution to be in QM software: Consider the production, sales inventory, and capacity limits stated below for the manufacture of small turbine engines used in auxiliary power units, ground support equipment and various other uses…
Consider the production, sales inventory, and capacity limits stated below for the manufacture of small turbine engines used in auxiliary power units, ground support equipment and various other uses. The company expects to market the unit for $50,000 each in quarters one and two and to raise the price to $55,000 for the third

Linear programming Questions
Study Questions ______1) For a linear program, which is not a property? a) Proportionality. b) Constraints and object function terms are additive c) The value of decision variables are divisible. d) Model parameters are assumed to be known with certainty. e) Must be solved on a computer _____ 2) Which of the follo

Quantitative Methods: Linear Programming
For the following problems, use Lingo10 or QM to solve. MUST include your solution screen shots. 5.0 Consider the following transportation problem: 1 2 Supply 1 5 6 100 2 4 2 200 3 3 6 150 4 9 7 50 Demand 250 250 What is the objective function? What are the Supply side constraints? What are the D

QUANTITATIVE METHOS: linear programming problem using Lingo10 or QM to solve 3. The production manager for Beer etc. produces 2 kinds of beer: light (L) and dark (D). Two resources used to produce beer are malt and wheat. He can obtain at most 4800 oz of malt per week and at most 3200 oz of wheat per week respectively. Each bottle of light beer requires … 4. The production manager for the Whoppy soft drink company is considering the production of 2 kinds of soft drinks: regular and diet. The company operates one “8 hour” shift per day. Therefore, the production time is …
For the following problems, use Lingo10 or QM to solve. MUST include your solution screen shots. 3. The production manager for Beer etc. produces 2 kinds of beer: light (L) and dark (D). Two resources used to produce beer are malt and wheat. He can obtain at most 4800 oz of malt per week and at most 3200 oz of wheat per we

How do you solve a linear programming problem using Lingo10 or QM?
For the following problems, use Lingo10 or QM to solve. MUST include your solution screen shots. 1. Given the following linear programming problem: Min Z = 2x + 8y Subject to (1) 8x + 4y 64 (2) 2x + 4y 32 (3) y 2 What is the minimal solution? Use Lingo10 or QM to solve. Include your solution screen shots

—————————- 1. The linear programming problem whose output follows is used to determine how many bottles of fire red nail polish (x1), bright red nail polish (x2), basil green nail polish(x3), and basic pink nail polish(x4) a beauty salon should stock. The objective function measures profit; it is assumed tha

Mathematics -Transportation/transshipment Linear Programming
Please make sure all work is shown to include the tables so that I can do a comparison to make sure the way I think it should be done is being done. While QM for windows can be used to solve this, I would appreciate the other way shown as well so that I can understand what is going on verse having a program do the work for me.

Linear Programming Model Personal Mini Warehouses (PMW) is planning to expand its successful Orlando business into Tampa. In doing so, the company must determine…
Personal Mini Warehouses (PMW) is planning to expand its successful Orlando business into Tampa. In doing so, the company must determine how many storage sheds of each size (large and small) to build in its 8,000-square-00 facility. Each large shed is 150 square feet in size, requires $1 per week in advertising, and rents for $5

Aircraft Repair Facility Problem
See the attached file. An aircraft repair facility currently has four jobs awaiting work. Four teams of mechanics are available. Each team can work on only one of the jobs. Over a period of several months the manager has evaluated the repair teams in a variety of jobs. Evaluations are based on 100 being the maximum evaluation

Scheduling Problem
A senior MIS design class project team has developed the following schedule of activities for their project, using their best estimate of completion times. Both written and oral reports are required. Draw the project network. Can they complete the project in the 38 class days remaining until the end of the semester? Activity

Please place results in QM Software format
You are the owner/operator of a medical electronics firm in the early stages of operation. You have just concluded a deal with an Asian manufacturer of hand-held blood glucose measuring devices bearing your brand name. You can market this receiver at a highly competitive price. Your potential profit for various purchase levels

Linear Programming
The Flamingo Grill is an upscale restaurant located in St. Petersburg, Florida. To help plan an advertising campaign for the coming season, Flamingo’s management team hired the advertising firm of Haskell & Johnson (HJ). The management team requested HJ’s recommendation concerning how the advertising budget should be distrib

Important information about Mathematics – Linear Programming
Annabelle Sizemore has cashed in some treasury bonds and a life insurance policy that her parents had accumulated over the years for her. She has also saved some money in certificates of deposit and savings bonds during the 10 years since she graduated from college. As a result, she has $120,000 available to invest. Given the re

Linnear Programming
Please show all work so that I understand the work and process. ———————– The Lakeside Boatworks is planning to manufacture three types of molded fiber glass recreational boats-a fishing (bass) boat, a ski boat, and a small speedboat. The estimated selling price and variable cost for each type of boat are sum

Linear Programming: Modeling
1. The dietician for the local hospital is trying to control the calorie intake of the heart surgery patients. Tonight’s dinner menu could consist of the following food items: chicken, lasagna, pudding, salad, mashed potatoes and jello. The calories per serving for each of these items are as follows: chicken (600), lasagna (700)

Integer values maximization
I need help in devising computer solutions and sensitivity analysis for linear programming. I have worked some of them. Please use EXCEL and show all work. Fruit Stand. It is harvest time in the Rio Grande Valley in South Texas. Every year at this time the Garcias set up their roadside stand and sell fresh vegetables to th

Linear Programming problem
Develop a Linear Programming model with explanations. Ajax Fuels, Inc., is developing a new additive for airplane fuels. The additive is a mixture of three ingredients: A, B, and C. For proper performance, the total amount of additive (amount of A + amount of B + amount of C) must be at least 10 ounces per gallon of fuel.To continue with the answer check on

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