Health Assessment And Communication Essay Paper

Health Assessment And Communication Essay Paper

Health Assessment And Communication Essay Paper

In carrying out a community health assessment, health care professionals should focus on key elements that make up the community. Firstly, the demographics of the community should be put into account. This includes the approximate number of people living in the targeted community (Suris, & Akre, 2015). Assessment of the population is essential as it helps the health care to divide the resources in the community such as water sources and waste disposal points among others. Unequal distribution of the mentioned resources may affect their health. Another key element is the economic aspect of the people in the community. Understanding people’s approximate expenditure on food and other activities also helps determine if they feed on balanced diets or not. Lastly, the patterns of settlement of the people in the people in the community can also determine the state of health. For example, a community in which people live in slums can report high rates of diseases related to poor hygiene such as cholera.Health Assessment And Communication Essay Paper

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Health Assessment And Communication Essay Paper
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There are six dimensions of health and wellness according to the text “Core Concepts of Health” by Paul M. Insel and Walton T. Roth. These dimensions are Physical Wellness, Emotional Wellness, Intellectual Wellness, Spiritual Wellness, Interpersonal and Social Wellness, and Environmental or Planetary Wellness. Health and Wellness is a relatively new concept. As stated in the text “A century ago, people considered themselves lucky just to survive adulthood. A child born in 1900, for example, could only expect to live about 47 years”.

I believe that Emotional, Intellectual and Social Wellness are the three dimensions of heath that are my strongest. I believe that the qualities associated with emotional wellness help describe my personal wellness lifestyle. These qualities include optimism, trust, self-esteem, self-acceptance, self-confidence, self-control and satisfying relationships. The text states that maintaining emotional wellness requires the “monitoring and exploring of your thoughts and feelings, identifying obstacles to emotional well-being, and finding solutions to emotional problems”.Health Assessment And Communication Essay Paper

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Personally, I feel that I possess the qualities of emotional wellness and I feel that I have a good understanding on how my emotions manifest and evolve. I believe that my emotional wellness is demonstrated by my overall comfort and acceptance of my personal feelings.

There are six dimensions of health and wellness: Physical Wellness, Emotional Wellness, Intellectual Wellness, Spiritual Wellness, Interpersonal and Social Wellness, and Environmental or Planetary Wellness. Each demission contributes to the overall wellness of every human being. Individuals possess strengths and weaknesses of these dimensions. Throughout this paper I will discuss which dimensions are my strengths and how they affect my overall health.I believe that Emotional, Intellectual and Social Wellness are the three dimensions of heath that are my strongest. I believe that the qualities associated with emotional wellness help describe my personal wellness lifestyle. These qualities include optimism, trust, self-esteem, self-acceptance, self-confidence, self-control and satisfying relationships. Maintaining emotional wellness requires the “monitoring and exploring of your thoughts and feelings, identifying obstacles to emotional well-being, and finding solutions to emotional problems” (Insel & Roth, 2008). Personally, I feel that I possess the qualities of emotional wellness and I feel that I have a good understanding on how my emotions manifest and evolve. I have found that through my difficult life experiences I have learned to cope with my emotions in a positive manner. I believe that my emotional wellness is demonstrated by my overall comfort and acceptance of my personal feelings.Intellectual wellness is another dimension of health that I feel is a personal strength. The aspects of intellectual health include the openness to new ideas, a capacity to question and think critically, the motivation to master new skills, as well as a sense of humor, creativity, and curiosity. I believe that I have an active mind and the ability to learn, evaluate and store the useful information relating to intellectual health. I am comfortable with my minds ability to identify problems and find solutions. I believe that my intellectual wellness involves lifelong learning through both my formal education as well as my informal life experiences.Social wellness is also a personal strength. I believe that social wellness requires a certain balance between ones social and personal life. I selected social wellness as one of my strengths because of the network of supportive friends and family that surround me. Health Assessment And Communication Essay Paper

Group Level
Health assessment of a group is quite different since groups can be easily disintegrated. Therefore, those carrying out should take into account elements that can determine the health status of the group members. First of all, knowing the time that the group members have been together helps rule out the adopted behaviors that might affect their health (Issel, & Wells, 2017). Also, understanding the behaviors of each member of the group is a good measure for their health. For example, a group in which some of its members smoke cigarettes can be easily affected as the non-smokers can also be influenced to start smoking. As a result, their health may be deteriorated due to continuous cigarette smoking.

On admission to a healthcare facility, a health assessment is a mandatory tool in assessing the patient’s health status. In general an assessment is broken down in a two types of reviews, by conducting a health history which includes the collection of subjective data (information elicited by the patient or patients family members) and a physical examination of the patient which includes the gathering of evidence based data (Wilson & Giddens, 2009). Collecting and documenting accurate information is imperative in providing the allied health team this information to facilitate an efficient and well-formed care plan, as well establishing a baseline for subsequent assessments (Springhouse, 2004; Wilson & Giddens, 2009). Health Assessment And Communication Essay Paper
A health assessment should consist of establishing a patient profile and incorporate a full medical history (Harvey, 2004). The traditional approach includes collecting subject matter on “biographical data, present health concerns (or present illness) and the chief complaint, past history, family history, review of system and patient data” (Farrell & Dempsey, 2010, p. 74). The assessment interview builds the foundation of the nurse and patient relationship, building good rapport with the patient will alleviate any stress, anxiety or discomfort the patient may be feeling. The patient will be asked personal questions and times may not understand or may not want to divulge information about their personal life/situation. As a nurse being open and honest, explaining why this type of information is necessary and asking open-ended questions will help prompt the patient to disclose the facts required, expedite the process and be fundamental in performing a successful assessment (Springhouse, 2004). Health Assessment And Communication Essay Paper

Family Health Assessment
Family is the basic unit of society. A family is a set of interacting individuals related by blood, marriage, cohabitation, or adoption who interdependently perform relevant functions by fulfilling expected roles. Health practices are those activities performed by individuals or families as a whole to promote health and prevent diseases. The relationship between members of family influences the understanding of behavior, which is demonstrated in family’s structural, functional, communicational, and developmental patterns (American Academy of Pediatrics, 2003; Bonell et al., 2003).Within families, children and adults are nurtured and taught about health values by word and by example, and it is within families that members first learn to make choices to promote health (Edelman & Mandle, 2010, p. 172).
Family health assessment is a process of getting information from the family about health promotion and disease-prevention activities. Family assessment includes nurse’s perceptions about family constitution, norms, standards, theoretical knowledge, and communication abilities. Marjorie Gordon (1987) proposed eleven functional health patterns as a guide for establishing a comprehensive nursing data base. These functional health patterns (2007) help organize basic family assessment information (Friedman et al., 2003) (Edelman & Mandle, 2010, p. 173-177).Eleven health functions are as follows. Health perception and / or health management pattern, nutritional pattern, elimination pattern, activity/exercise pattern, cognitive/perceptual pattern, sleep/rest pattern, self-perception and self-concept pattern, role/relationship pattern, sexuality/reproductive pattern, coping/stress tolerance pattern, and value/belief

Health assessment plays an important role in nursing. It guides nursing diagnosis and care provided to patients (Fulton, Lyon, & Goudreau, 2014). The aim of this essay will be to define health assessment, outline some of its major components and discuss the purposes of health assessment from a nursing perspective. Besides doing this, the essay will provide two examples outlining the manner in which health assessment can be conducted in two different set ups. The first part starts by defining health assessment and describing its two major components. The second part discusses the purpose of health assessment whereas the third part outlines how the exercise can be conducted in two different situations.Health Assessment And Communication Essay Paper

Definiion and components of health assessment
In nursing, health assessment may be defined as a logical, deliberative as well as interactive process through which nurses collect, document and synthesize information from clients (Fulton, Lyon, & Goudreau, 2014). Clients in this case may be patients or other people that may not necessarily be sick, but they may be interested in having their health conditions evaluated by nurses. The purpose of this exercise is to make clinical judgments based on the information that nurses collect from clients (Wilson, & Giddens, 2014). Given the diversity of medical conditions, nurses in different units conduct different types of health assessments. Based on this fact, those in cardiac care unit are likely to be familiar with cardiac issues whereas those in neurologic unit are likely to be familiar with neurologic issues. While this is the case, those in advanced practice might play extended roles than those in other levels.

The two main components of health assessment are physical assessment and health history. Physical assessment may be classified into three different categories. First, it may be classified as complete assessment that involves examination of every part of the body. Second, it may be classified as examination of a particular part of the body when that part experiences a problem. In contrast to complete assessment, this type of assessment involves examining the ailing part of the body such as limb when one is not able to walk. Third, it may be classified as examination of a body system. This type of assessment in contrast to other types involves examining a particular system of the body such as cardiovascular system. The aim of physical examination is to obtain baseline data that can be used to establish the functional abilities of a client, supplement client’s medical history as well as form the basis of diagnosis or care among other aims (Weber, & Kelley, 2013). Health history, on the other hand, involves looking at the health record of a client as well as health record of the family of the client. This enables a nurse to evaluate whether the current medical condition of a client has any relationship with his/her health history or that of his/her family.Health Assessment And Communication Essay Paper

Purpose of health assessment
From a nursing perspective, health assessment plays a number of important roles in nursing. Some of these roles include the following. First, it helps nurses to collect, document as well as analyze information from clients (Fulton, Lyon, & Goudreau, 2014). In this case, the moment patients visit hospitals or nursing homes they find nurses that evaluate their medical conditions and collect vital information relating to those conditions. That information is documented and analyzed to guide the type of care and intervention offered to patients. Second, once this information is collected from patients, it is used to make clinical conclusions or judgments that are used to care for patients. In this respect, health assessment is an important aspect in nursing.

Third, health assessment helps nurses to identify the strengths and weaknesses of their clients. In particular, it enables nurses to understand what their clients can do or not do on their own. By so doing, it helps nurses to make good judgments regarding the type of care or intervention that should be offered to different patients. Fourth, it also helps nurses to identify the needs of their clients (Fulton, Lyon, & Goudreau, 2014). In this case, some patients might not understand their health needs because of their medical conditions or ages. In such cases, nurses through health assessment are able to identify the medical conditions of patients and the right intervention for those patients.

Fifth, health assessment is used to supplement and confirm some aspects that might not be outright from the outlook. For example, examining the way a patient feels about an ailing part of the body might be used to confirm what the nurse knows about a condition. This in return might improve care in nursing. It might also ensure that the right intervention is offered to the patient (Weber, & Kelley, 2013). Sixth, health assessment is used in nursing diagnosis and providing care to patients. In nursing diagnosis, it is used to guide clinical judgments whereas in providing care it is used to determine the type of care that should be offered to a patient.Health Assessment And Communication Essay Paper

Seventh, health assessment is used to identify areas that might require health promotion as well as what might be done to improve health. For example, upon examining a patient a nurse might be in a position to advise that patient what he/she can do to improve his/her health status. In some instances, health assessment might be used to determine the physiological outcome of a health care in nursing so that nursing care can be improved (Kvas, Seljak, & Stare, 2014).Health Assessment And Communication Essay Paper

Health assessment in various settings
Different settings may require different approaches. However, this does not mean that the process of assessing patients changes in any way. It only means that the manner in which it is conducted might change slightly depending on the age or medical condition of a client. In order to demonstrate this point, I will evaluate two different set ups. The first set up involves a child in a community setting whereas the second set up involves an elderly person in an aged care facility.

Starting with a child in a community setting, it would be important to acknowledge the fact that the child might not be able to give credible information despite being able to express what he/she feels. At the same time, the child might not be able to communicate. For this reason, the nurse will be responsible for conducting most part of the assessment rather than relying on the child or his/her parents to provide information. Assuming that the child is not able to communicate, a nurse might conduct health assessment on the child by asking the parent of the child a few questions. Such questions might relate to fever or the way the child behaves. More specific questions might include whether the child has been vomiting or behaving strangely. Once the nurse obtains this information from the child’s parent, the nurse might conduct a physical examination on the child. In this case, the nurse might start by checking the body temperature of the child (Habich, & Letizia, 2015). After doing this, the nurse might conduct head-to-toe examination on the child to check for vital signs that might lead to a particular clinical conclusion. If need be, the nurse might inquire into child’s health history.

The healthcare professionals at NewYork-Presbyterian understand it can be challenging to make time for preventive health care. That’s why we established Executive Health programs at NewYork-Presbyterian/Columbia University Medical Center and NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center. You can receive a personalized assessment, all the tests you need, and a customized wellness plan — focused attention in one day, in one location, for your convenience. Our services include:Health Assessment And Communication Essay Paper

A Comprehensive Physical Examination and Health Assessment: You’ll meet with an expert general internist who will review your personal and family medical history, conduct a complete physical examination, and order any specialized testing that you may need (such as stress tests and other heart tests, lung function tests, and hearing tests). Some blood tests are performed before your visit, at your convenience, so we can discuss the results during your consultation. We will also assess your diet, physical function, and physical activity so we can gain a clear picture of your overall health.
A Personalized Wellness Plan: Based on the results of your examination, assessment, and testing, we will provide you with guidance about lifestyle modifications (such as weight management, exercise, or dietary changes) and recommend any needed diagnostic or treatment services. We can also arrange the scheduling of screening exams such as mammography or colonoscopy.
Facilitated Referrals to Our Experts: You’ll have access to world-class specialists at NewYork-Presbyterian representing every field of medicine. We’ll also communicate the results of our assessment and our recommendations with your primary care physician and your other doctors.
Concierge Services: Our concierge staff will help coordinate your visit and your follow-up care. Onsite wifi, computers, fax, and other business services are available for your use between appointments.

It is important for nurses to perform a nursing assessment of their patients using a holistic approach as they can get a better understanding of the person as a whole. Taking the time to listen to the person assists in forming a therapeutic relationship. It is necessary to assess not only the patient’s physical health but also their social, psychological, cultural, spiritual and developmental wellbeing in order to undertake a holistic health assessment.Health Assessment And Communication Essay Paper

Assessment is a precise and endless gathering, organising, confirming and documenting information (Luxford 2015). It is the first phase of the nursing process and if insufficient data is collected, the other phases will fail (Luxford 2015). However, Luxford (2015) believes it is also used throughout the remaining phases of the nursing process. Furthermore, all phases of the nursing process affect each other because they are closely linked (Luxford 2015). Without assessment, a nurse is unable to provide care to patients. A holistic health assessment includes the following aspects: physical; social; psychological; cultural; spiritual; and developmental. Nurses must work within their scope of practice at all times and therefore must adhere to the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia’s Registered Nurse Standards for Practice, such as Standard 4.1 the registered nurse conducts assessments that are holistic as well as culturally appropriate (Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia [NMBA] 2016, p. 4).

Holistic health assessment involves assessing an individual’s physical, psychological, social, developmental, spiritual and cultural needs. Without an assessment, a nurse would not be aware of the health problems affecting this patient, know what patient education is needed or know how to treat this patient with the appropriate treatment regarding their cultural or spiritual needs (Lewis & Foley 2011). A lack of nursing assessment would be like asking an everyday citizen to perform open-heart surgery, a nurse with proper education, training, and assessment skills can perform nursing duties that promote and protect the health and well being of each patient. Assessment is the first step in the nursing process as it is the most imperative factor(Lewis & Foley 2011). Health assessment establishes a therapeutic relationship between a patient and a nurse, provides baseline information, establishes health complaint and focuses for physical examination. The following essay will discuss the importance of each holistic health component.
Assessment is the first step in the nursing process. There are four steps in assessment of a patient these include, collection of subjective data, collection of objective data, validation of data and the documentation of data.

In contrast to the first set up, an elderly person in an aged care facility might be able to communicate. Accordingly, health assessment will be directed by information originating from the elderly person. In this case, the nurse may not necessarily conduct a head-to-toe examination on the elderly person because the person would be able to express himself/herself (Fulton, Lyon, & Goudreau, 2014). Instead, the nurse may examine the ailing part of body and provide care as per the condition of that part of the body as well as the way the elderly person may be feeling.Health Assessment And Communication Essay Paper

Health assessment as evaluated in this essay plays important roles in nursing. It helps nurses to identify what patients can do or not do on their own. It also enables nurses to identify the needs for patients and what can be done to improve the health status of patients. In so doing, nurses are able to provide efficient care to patients. Apart from this, health assessment is used to confirm as well as supplement what nurses already know about a medical condition. It is also used to determine the physiological outcomes of a possible health care thereby ensure nurses provide efficient care to patients. Above all, health assessment is used in making clinical judgments as well as guiding nursing care.

Level of interpersonal trust between people, poor listening skills, inability to listen with understanding can be some of the common barriers in communication. 2. Read through the scenarios below and, for each one, suggest ways in which the barriers to communication can be overcome. Scenario 1: A patient whose first language is not English has arrived for an appointment and as the receptionist you must check them in for their allotted appointment. However, they are struggling to communicate that they were running a few minutes late and as a result are worried that they have missed their slot. This patient presents social barrier in communication. The encouraging actions that I can provide are: giving a smile, friendly facial expression, use of gestures and pictures, warmth and encouragement( repeat his words with a smile to check understanding). First , I will ask him about his surname and date of birth. If he can not say it I will provide him a piece of paper to write on it. After that, If still he is unable to communicate this information, I will ask for specialist support staff ( interpreter or translator).

Individual Level
At the individual level, health assessment can be done based on the elements that control their lives. To begin with, income and social status of a person should be among the key elements to observe to determine a person’s health status. An individual living a low financial status life may suffer from psychosocial stress which directly affects their normal health. Another element is the genetics of the person. Some diseases such as sickle cell anemia results due to the genetic makeup of a person and so it can be inherited. Thus, health care professionals can assess the genetic history of individual so as to rule any future genetic deformation in the individual lineage.Health Assessment And Communication Essay Paper

Comprehensive Health Assessment Process
A comprehensive health assessment is usually the first step when nurses meet new patients who have come for admission or for health-related reasons. It comprises of several processes such that every process is essential. Firstly, nurses assess the cultural characteristics of the patients which include evaluation of social and cultural needs and preferences (Shooshtari et al., 2017). The assessed needs are then related to any unwanted health outcome. Among the major concerns of health care professionals in this process is to understand the social life of the patient, economic power, gender identity, and educational level among others. Secondly, health care professionals assess the communication needs of the patient. This includes examining the patient’s specific communication requirements due to vision, hearing, or cognition issues.Health Assessment And Communication Essay Pape

Furthermore, nurses assess the family history of patients. In this case, they ask about any history of chronic illnesses in the family such as hypertension, diabetes, cancer, or substance use disorders among others. Another area of assessment is the need for advanced care planning. In this regard, nurses assess if the patient requires advanced care. The preference for advanced care should depend on the family’s opinion since there are those families that prefer their patient to be taken care of at home. However, the end of life patient always goes through advanced care after signing documents to agree on it.

More so, nurses assess behaviors in presenting patients that may be affecting their health. Such behaviors may include cigarette smoking, excessive drinking of alcohol, oral health, and risky sexual behaviors among others. The behaviors mentioned above are linked to many illnesses. For example, excessive drinking of alcohol can result in liver cirrhosis which is a deadly condition. The next process is the assessment of the patients’ mental and psychiatric history. Here, nurses assess if the patient has ever had a mental illness or if there is a family history of mental illnesses.Health Assessment And Communication Essay Paper

Also, screening for depression is done in adult and adolescent patients. A standardized tool is used to collect information which can help health care professionals to determine if the patient is suffering from depression. Since depression is common among patients suffering from chronic illnesses, it is advisable that screening is done so that it can be managed earlier before it turns into a serious mental illness.

Lastly, assessment of health literacy is also necessary for patients and even family members. Doing this is important as it helps caregivers to determine if patients and their families are aware of the diseases and their management (Ward, & Reuben, 2016). Those who lack adequate knowledge about their diseases are taught comprehensively so that they can be in a position to take care of themselves in case the diseases begin while they are away from their caregivers.

Findings of My Health Assessment

The health assessment I conducted was about determining the causes of the high prevalence of tuberculosis infection in community X. After the actual assessment, I realized that community X has a high population with an estimated number of six people per family. During the assessment, I observed that people in most of the households lived in one roof, despite the number of children that they had. Cooking also took place under the same roof. While on the way to the community, I realized that their roads were dusty and one can swallow large amounts of dust while walking along the roads. Such observations made me conclude that people in that community were at an exposed risk of tuberculosis transmission. A whole family living in one roof shows that people in the community live in poverty. As such, they cannot manage to prevent transmission of tuberculosis through isolation.Health Assessment And Communication Essay Paper

Furthermore, I realized that the community members lacked adequate knowledge of how to prevent its spread. Those infected could not practice techniques such as appropriate coughing techniques, and this might be the cause of the fast spread of the disease. Finally, I found out that the residents had not been exposed to any healthcare agency that could help them fight with the communicable disease. They only got attention after visiting the nearest healthcare facility. This shows that much effort should be invested in fighting tuberculosis in community X to prevent it from spreading to other communities. Health Assessment And Communication Essay Paper


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