Adolescents Life

FINAL: A close look into the life of an Adolescent     The Final Paper should be 8-10 pages, with a minimum of 3 and references from the course readings and 7 references minumum. Adolescent development is a time of “storm and stress.” With that in mind, please discuss the protagonist of one of the following movies: […]

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Ability and Disability in the Parker Case

Think of the many names and labels you may have heard to describe persons with disabilities and those that are currently socially acceptable. The changing monikers given to those with disabilities are evidence of the continual negotiation of the society who labels and those who are so labeled to define what disability is and who […]

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Week 16 discussion trauma

Week 16 DiscussionBriefly discuss 2-3 ways to build resilience in children.

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M4: Single-Subject Case Design: Description of Baseline

For this part of your single-subject case design, you will need to have collected baseline data for your client. Once you have collected your baseline data, you will write an analysis describing the baseline. See the instructions below for details.Description of BaselineDescribe your baseline data. Be sure to include each of the following in your […]

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