Pros and Cons of Social Promotion

Please assist me with the following sociology question: Social promotion is the promoting of a student from one grade to the next even if he or she is failing courses. The rationale for social promotion is that moving students to the next grade prevents them from being stigmatized because they are older and bigger than […]

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Community Needs Assessment

In this report you will discuss a problem in relation to a specific population (e.g., caregiver abuse of elders;  lack  of  childcare  for  single  working  parents;  domestic  violence  and  immigrant  women)  within  a community in which you have lived, worked, or volunteered. Students will use and integrate the assigned weekly articles in the completion of […]

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International Perspective Paper

The International Perspective Paper requires students to research current articles on a country of their choice (other than the United States) in order to investigate major issues, policy and program trends regarding one of the topics listed below:Topic Choices1. Birth Control2. Abortion3. Adolescent Pregnancy4. Sexually Transmitted Infections5.Gender Identity6. Other topics with permission of the instructor

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Median Salary

For this discussion review the data in this report I’ve prepared download. I’d like for you to examine and discuss the differences between majors and a person’s gender.(1) Find your major (if you can’t identify the category let me know and I’ll get you started) and discuss the distribution of males and females.(2) Look up […]

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Savage Inequality

Schooling in the United States: Savage InequalityFor this assignment, we will explore the quality of schools in theUnited States. Consider your own experiences in the K-12 education system as you read about P.S. 261.  Read the attached article on public schools in New York download.  Afterward, respond to the 3 questions at the end of […]

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Infomercial Presentation

On the rubric it states it’s a 2-5 minute presentation, but it was changed to a 10 minute presentation last minute, please add enough content to speak for 10 minutes. Please use the uploaded resources attached to create the infomercial.

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Communicating with Children Paper

The paper should be 5-8 pages, double-spaced, not including title page or references. APA format with in-text citations required. For this paper, please research further on working with children from ages 1-17 and use the rubric below to format your paper. Each category should have its own header or sub-header in your paper.I. IntroductionII. ToddlersA. […]

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Economics and Politics

Assignment 2Critical thinking, information literacy, a minimum of 1250 wordsGo to a search engine on the internet and look for the article written by Frederick Douglass, “What to the Slave is the Fourth of July?” and the Declaration ofIndependence.  Compare/contrast these 2 historical documents, should non-white races consider themselves to be free/independent and/or oppressed and […]

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Juvenile Justice Reform

A short document presented to decision makers providing the most essential information about a specific policy and presenting specific and detailed recommendations to improve it. It should be both informative and persuasive.What assumptions do you make about your readers?Your readers are policy makers who need to make a decision about your policy.  Your assumption is […]

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Substance Abuse in Adolescence

The overarching goal of this assignment is to allow students the opportunity to delve deeply into a topic of particular interest to them.1.    Introduction to the population or topic  (approximately 1 paragraph)o    Explain why you chose this population/topic2.    Description of the social problem or interpersonal difficulties facing this population (approximately 1.5 to 2 pages)Draw from […]

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