Aliens and Belief in God

“What, according to you, are the major differences between belief in aliens and belief in God (or gods, angels, etc.)? What part of culture (and the culture/s of the United States, in particular) has made one of these beliefs broadly popular and acceptable, while the other is relegated to the fringes of society?”Please write a […]

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In this exercise, we are comparing the Salem Witch Trials and the case from West Memphis, Ak. to see what they perhaps share in common or what sets them apart from one another to shed light on the relationship(s) between religious ideologies (especially those described in Evil Incarnate) and conspiracy theories (especially as described in […]

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Ramadan (muslims)

3. Research Essay: 40% of final grade This assignment is designed to give you the opportunity to explore one of the religious traditions dealt with in class in more detail. You will research a topic related to a major world religious tradition and develop a cogent thesis based on the findings of your research. The […]

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This is your opportunity to explore a topic that has piqued your interest in this course. You will write a final Exegetical Paper of 12-15 pages (12 pt font; one inch margins) —an in-depth study of a particular character or topic in the Epistles. You might choose a topic covered in this course, or you […]

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Christian Theological Worldview

Remember academic form and style apply. This is more than just an opinion paper. This essay explores the major themes of theology: God, creation, Jesus, scripture/revelation, sin, and salvation, mission. Include your understanding of a biblical worldview and how this differs from another worldview studied during this course. If you need a guideline, you should […]

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Religion Theory

Compose a reflective paper on the Apostle Paul in which the student does two (2) things:1)    Reassesses what you said about Paul in your Video Report Assignment that, in light of what was learned this term, you would still affirm; and reassesses what you said about Paul in your Video Report Assignment that, upon further […]

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Old Testament Book

The content essay assignment provides you with the opportunity to take a “deep dive” into the content of a particular interpretive issue within an Old Testament book. The ability to engage with the historical, literary, and theological elements of interpretation is an essential skill to develop in biblical studies. Developing these skills through research and […]

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Agenda Exercise

Team meetings require agendas. Agendas establish order and promote productivity within the team. Creating agendas requires an understanding of the team’s needs and goals.Create an agenda using goals, visions, and directions on a certain team project. You will need to be creative as you make the agenda using a hypothetical team, project, and all things […]

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Virtual Teams Paper

With the surge of technology experienced in the workplace, virtual teams are becoming an essential tool. Virtual teams can be fiscally beneficial to an organization and often consume less physical resources. Virtual teams can serve a variety of purposes and accomplish tasks in a more efficient manner.Write a 2-3 page paper describing the importance of […]

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The Diaspora and Return

For this assignment you will compose two letters, a conversation between someone who has returned home to Israel and witnessed the dedication of the rebuilt Temple (Nehemiah 8-9) and someone who is still living away from the land, in Persia (Esther).Questions to consider for your returned citizen: What are you excited about? What is going […]

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