Analyzing theories of intelligence

Critique the various theories of intelligence presented. Which theory do you believe is the best for determining intelligence? Why? Which type of intelligence(s) do you possess? Why? What are the pros and cons of using each theory to define intelligence? Why is assessing a child’s intelligence important (or not)? Solution Preview I think that the […]

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Projective and Objective Tests

There are multiple tests that can be used for personality assessment. Each instrument has relative strengths and weaknesses. Clinicians are responsible for evaluating these relative strengths and weaknesses to help determine which might be appropriate for a client. Tests can be categorized into objective and projective tests and clinicians must understand the differences as they […]

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Dispositional Personality Theory vs Evolutionary & Biolgocial Personality Theory

I need help writing about the following: – Describe the differences between dispositional and evolutionary or biological personality theories. – Discuss the strengths and limitations of dispositional and evolutionary or biological personality theories as they apply to behavior. – Discuss the Big Five personality test and how it is used to study personality. Include a […]

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Existential Psychology

Explain the main concepts (i.e., “being-in-the-world” mean, Umwelt, Mitwelt, Eigenwelt, etc.) of Existential Psychology. What are the six underlying assumptions or principles of existential psychology? Is there a type of personality theory implicit in Existential Psychology? Name one key figure. Thanks. Solution Preview Core Characteristics of Existential Psychology Concepts: I. Being-in-the -world: This concept emphasizes […]

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What is a visual ambiguity?

Visual perception is complicated because our cognitive systems are not adept at analyzing visual stimuli. In order to resolve visual ambiguities we make unconscious assumptions that resolve the ambiguities. What is a visual ambiguity? What are some examples of visual ambiguities that you have encountered today? What types of cognitive assumptions did you make in […]

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Circular causality in family therapy

n family therapy, it is important not to focus only on a family’s internal dynamics, with no awareness or incorporation of systemic forces in a larger sense — it is not only the family system that is important, but the cultural/societal systems around that family, that influence each individual within the family system. Power is […]

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Freud, Erikson and Piaget

How do the theories of Freud, Erikson & Piaget relate to the topic of human development? How are they different and similar? Solution Preview Freud, Erikson & Piaget: Developmental Theories Developmental theories are theories that explore the mechanisms behind human growth – how we learn, how we develop and become the individuals that we are. […]

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Visual Perception in Cognitive Processes

Discuss the importance of visual perception in cognitive processes Preferably using the text below in order to reference and cite the information, as well as other credible sources. Cognition: The Thinking Animal, 3e ISBN: 0131736884 Author: Daniel Willingham copyright ?2007 Prentice Hall, Inc. A Pearson Education Company Solution Preview RESPONSE: 1. Discuss the importance of […]

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Case Studies in Behavioral Analysis

Case Study 1: William Ms. Tooley contacts you, an ABA analyst, to assist her with a child in her classroom named William. William is a healthy 6-year-old boy who has been terrorizing his classmates. The problem has been occurring since the beginning of the school year. William pushes, kicks, hits or bites other children in […]

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Five Schools of Thought in Psychology

1. Describe five schools of thought in psychology. 2. Name one or two individuals who created or furthered this way of thinking in psychology, and one key idea from each school of thought. 3. Also name the time period it began. Solution Preview Five schools of though in psychology are as follows: 1. PSYCHOANALYST: This […]

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