Diagnosing Relational Problems

Diagnosing Relational Problems – With References Also. How would you incorporate the DSM-5 into the assessment phase with a couple or family? (Include the relational V codes and Z codes in your discussion). ◦Would you also formulate a separate DSM-5 diagnosis for any of the individuals you see in a couple or family? Why or […]

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Projective and Objective Tests

There are multiple tests that can be used for personality assessment. Each instrument has relative strengths and weaknesses. Clinicians are responsible for evaluating these relative strengths and weaknesses to help determine which might be appropriate for a client. Tests can be categorized into objective and projective tests and clinicians must understand the differences as they […]

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Norm and Norming in Psychological Testing

What is a norm and norming in psychological testing? Solution Preview What is a norm and norming? A norm is and “provides an indication of the average, or typical performance of a specified group and the spread of scores above and below the average.” (Sattler, 2001) “Norms are needed because the number of correct responses […]

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Verbal Behavior

Provide an original example of the following complex verbal behaviors to demonstrate your understanding of these concepts, and describe a situation where you might want to promote this type of verbal behavior in a client: (a) generic tact extension; (b) metaphorical tact extension; (c) metonymical tact extension; (d) solistic tact extension. Discuss any individual, socio-cultural, […]

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The Five Senses, Perception, and Critical Thinking

What is organizational stability and organizational innovation? Can both be maintained in an organization at the same time? If so, is there an example of this type of organization? Has anyone seen first hand how stability has supported or favored innovation? If so, can you explain it? Solution Preview Organizational stability is the state of […]

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Sanctioned Aggression: Define

Select one from the list of aggressions : Hostile Aggression, Instrumental Aggression, Symbolic Aggression, and Sanctioned Aggression. Describes this particular kind of aggression. Explain your reasoning. As you select one from the list of aggressions, I am an avid sports fan, so I selected Sanctioned Aggression. As you describe this particular kind of aggression, one […]

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The Big Five Theory of Personality

List and define the five traits included in the Big Five theory of personality. What are the limitations of this approach? Solution Preview Please see response attached, which is also presented below. I hope this helps and take care. UPDATED RESPONSE JULY 3, 2009. 1. List and define the five traits included in the Big […]

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ACA and AMHC’ Code of Ethics

EXplain some similarities and differences between the American Counseling Association (ACA) 2005 Code of Ethics and the American Mental Health Counseling (AMHCA) 2010 Code of Ethics. Solution Preview American Counseling Association (ACA) and American Mental Health Counseling (AMCHA) CODE OF ETHICS (a) The American Counseling Association The American Counseling Association (ACA, 2004)) Code of Ethics […]

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Industrial/organizational psychology and other disciplines of psychology

Explain in 250 words with references how industrial/organizational psychology is different from other disciplines of psychology? Thank you Solution Preview Hi, Psychology encompasses a large number of disciplines and they each hold their own merit and effectiveness with the populations they serve. Some of the disciplines within psychology are social psychology, cognitive psychology, behavioral psychology, […]

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Case Studies in Behavioral Analysis

Case Study 1: William Ms. Tooley contacts you, an ABA analyst, to assist her with a child in her classroom named William. William is a healthy 6-year-old boy who has been terrorizing his classmates. The problem has been occurring since the beginning of the school year. William pushes, kicks, hits or bites other children in […]

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