.A local bookstore is keeping a database of its customers to find out more about their spending habits and so that the store can start to make personal recommendations based on past purchases. The first 5 lines of the database appear in the accompanying table.Transaction IDCustomer IDDateISBN Number of PurchasePriceCoupon?Gift?Quantity297843209124J43811/12/2009345-23-2355$29.95NN1264835890013K7299/30/2009983-83-2739$16.99NN126483589002Dublin9/30/2009102-65-2332$9.95YN1364294893053U03412/5/2009295-39-5884$35.00NY1364294893063U03412/5/2009183-38-2957$79.95NY1Choose the correct answer below.A. The […]

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Transcribed Image Text from this QuestionPies (per hour) 110 100- 90 80 70 60 Kim can produce 40 pies or 400 cakes an hour. Liam can produce 100 pies or 200 cakes an hour. Draw Kim’s PPF. Label it. Draw Liam’s PPF. Labelit. Draw a point to show Kim’s production of pies and cakes when […]

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 Which of the following is NOT normally regarded as being a good reason to establish an ESOP? A) To increase worker productivity. B) To enable the firm to borrow at a below-market interest rate. C) To make it easier to grant stock options to employees. D) To help prevent a hostile takeover. E) To help […]

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Calculus derivative

The demand function for the j-watch is given by the function.d(x)=8/(0.23x^2+1)  ,    0≤x ≤20.In this case x is the number of watches demanded weekly and d(x) is the price per unit in dollars. Determine the values d (5), d (10), d (15), and the values d ‘(5), d’ (10), and d ‘(15). Interpret the […]

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