Mathematics homework help

Ms.Groves has trays of paints for students in her art class. Each tray that have 5 colors. One of them is purple.What fraction of the colors in 20 shapes is purple?To continue with the answer check on

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Linear Programming

Assignment 1. Linear Programming Case Study Your instructor will assign a linear programming project for this assignment according to the following specifications. It will be a problem with at least three (3) constraints and at least two (2) decision variables. The problem will be bounded and feasible. It will also have a single optimum solution […]

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Transportation problem: Excel solver

Having real problems setting up transportation problems in Excel’s Solver. Please help with objective function, constraints, formulas, etc. Spreadsheet would be wonderful soI can see how to do it! The Krampf Lines Railway Company specializes in coal handling. On Friday APril 13, Krampf needed empty coal cars to be moved from three locations (Morgantown, Youngstown, […]

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Differentiation: s = ut + 1/2at^2

This equation represents displacement of a body(s) against time (t) where (u) is the initial velocity and (a) is the acceleration. Differentiate to derive the equation for instantaneous velocity, which would be represented by the gradient of a graph. s = ut + 1/2at^2 Solution Preview Please see the attached file for the complete solution. […]

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Five-number summary of set of numbers and negative numbers

Attached you will find the problems to be completed. I need help in completing the following exercises. I need to use the Equation Editor in Microsoft® Word to do these problems, then submit a Word document, showing the work and answers. (first 20 are multiple choice) These are the problems I need help with: 1. […]

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Solving algebra word questions

1. What quantity of a 60% acid solution must be mixed with a 30% solution to produce 300 mL of a 50% solution? 2. A pot contains 6L of brine at a concentration of 120g/L. How much of the water should be boiled off to increase the concentration to 200 g/L? 3. A merchant blends […]

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Statistics: Mean, Mode, and Median

See attached files for full problem description. 1.Consider a sample with data values of 10, 20, 12, 17, and 16. Compute the mean and median. 5. The Dow Jones Travel Index reported what business travelers pay for hotel rooms per night in major US cities (The Wall Street Journal, January 16, 2004). The hotel room […]

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Odds of Hitting a Bankrupt on Wheel of Fortune

Assume that the Wheel of Fortune has 24 slots, each subtending 15 degrees. There are two bankrupt slots. 1. Assuming each spin has a random result, what are the odds of hitting a bankrupt slot? 2. a) Does the layout of bankrupt slots impact this result? b) Explain your answer. 1. Assuming each spin has […]

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Multiple choice

Please see the attachment. 9. What is the balance in Gale’s investment in subsidiary account at the end of 2009? A. $1,099,000 B, $1,020,000 (‘.$1,096,200 I). $1,098,000 1 . $1,144,400 10. At the end of 2009, the consolidation entry to eliminate Gale’s accrual of Kaltop’s earnings would include a credit to Investment in Kaltop Co. […]

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Real-Life Applications of Complex or Imaginary Numbers

When solving a quadratic equation using the quadratic formula, it is possible for the b2 – 4ac term inside the square root (the discriminant) to be negative, thus forcing us to take the square root of a negative number. The solutions to the equation will then be complex numbers (i.e., involve the imaginary unit i). […]

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