British Colonization on Nigeria

During my research paper, I have chosen to discuss the “Impact of British Colonization on Nigeria” and how it impacted the economic growth of the country. I hope to further examine the positive and negative effects that colonization has on the Nigerians.Research Paper: Required Resource List To Use1.Falola, T., Heaton, M. M.  (20080424). A History […]

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Joel Sherzer

In Speech Play and Verbal Art, Joel Sherzer argues that “the study of people’s speech play gives us a glimpse of their coming to terms with their language and culture and is therefore a means of our coming to terms with their language and culture” (8). Engaging with our two lab examples (protest signs, storytelling) […]

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Viola Desmond

This is a research essay for a African-Canadian Studies Class. There are no clear instructions except:Ten pages double-spaced with 10 citations (books, articles, websites).”So, when you select your topic and form your research question, you will write answering/responding to that. Your paper will need to be 10 double-spaced pages, 10 citations, and should follow Chicago […]

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Rhetorical Analysis

This assignment will ask you to put on some slightly different lenses as you read material in the course about monsters. Genre, you learned, has to do with the way a written text’s or film’s or video’s form corresponds to its function–the actions that its creator wants it to have in the world. Rhetoric is […]

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Public Speaking

In this project, you will demonstrate your mastery of the following competencies:Gather and evaluate information relevant to the creation and deployment of oral communication presentationsCreate and adjust oral communication presentations for different channels, purposes, and audiencesDevelop oral presentation skills to deliver presentations that meet organizational goalsScenarioYour manager has asked that each person in your department […]

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Energy Balance

Describe the difference between energy balance, energy status, and energy flux, and describe how each influences ovarian function. Be specific, using evidence from the lecture and/or readings. Why does this response make evolutionary sense?

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The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

View the following video about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the following video which represents an opinion about our failure to defend these human rights by former U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights, Zeid Ra’ad al-Hussein:After watching the videos and reading through the 30 Articles of the Declaration, post a thoughtful discussion addressing […]

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Trans-Language and Code-Switching

The paper’s rubric is:1.Specify the topic you would like to investigate and tell us why it matters. (4 points)2.What are the questions you’d like to answer? Why do you think it’s important to answer your question(s)? A practical benefit to someone or some group? (3 points)3.Think of the kinds of data you are going to […]

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Ethical Speaking

A journal about ethics , ethical speaking, ethical listening, civility in classroom.  Also, talk about how speaker nervousness is normal, how to manage speaker nervousness.  Talk about the importance of listening, listening vs hearing,  the process of listening, obstacles to effective listening, promoting better listening, and providing feedback.

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Sophomores with Undeclared Majors

The dean of the college has asked you and several others to give a five-minute presentation to a group of incoming freshmen, and sophomores with undeclared majors.  They want to know:•    A little about you and your background (I am a migrant, from China, senior student, been in the US for 7 years)•    What kind […]

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