Time Warner/Viacom: Countdown

Time Warner/Viacom: Countdown to a Blackout Why is Dora crying? That was the question readers were faced with when they opened the New York Times and LA Times on December 31, 2008. Viacom, owner of the Nickelodeon television channel where Dora the Explorer shares the stage with SpongeBob SquarePants and many other favorite children’s television […]

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Circular 230 – Summary of rules for practice before the IRS

I need a summary of Circular 230. There doesn’t need to be any specific layout-just a plain summary of the most important parts & the general meaning. I have to make a presentation to my business class. I attached the full circular 230 I found on the IRS website. Solution Preview Circular 230 is the […]

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Transactional and Promotional Websites

Websites have different marketing purposes. Define what a transactional and a promotional website is, explaining the similarities and differences between the two. Provide a link to an example of each, and describe why each site does an outstanding job from a marketing perspective. Solution Preview A transactional website is an electronic storefront. This type of […]

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Traditional vs ABC costing

Mott Manufacturing allocates factory overhead using one cost pool with direct labor hours as the allocation base.Mott has two production departments, P1 and P2.The new accountant at Mott estimates that next year, the total factory overhead costs will be $5,000,000, and approximately 500,000 direct labor hours will be worked. The accountant also estimates that P1 […]

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Principles of Multicausality and the Human Service Field

What are the core principles of multicausality. Please explain how this concept is central to understanding the human service field. Provide an example of how ignoring multicausality might lead to an inadequate strategy of intervention when attempting to manage a specific problem. Include at least three of the principles of multicausality? 7 Solution Preview The […]

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Autobiography about Myself

i need an autobiography about myself. My name is______ , i was born on _______. (I WILL FILL MY NAME AND PERSONAL INFORMATION IN THE ESSAY) I was born in the Dominican Republic, lived in San Francisco de Macoris, lived with my 2 sisters mom, and grandmother in my grandmother’s house. My father lived in […]

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A Review of the Contribution of Theory to Program Planning and Social

Program design and planning includes understanding the culture and values of organizations, primarily nonprofit agencies, leadership roles and skills (human relations, communication, conflict resolution, etc.), and communication collaboration and partnerships. Building and strengthening these skills are important to effectively develop and administer programs.Examine how leadership roles and skills, including building partnerships and community collaboration, impacts […]

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Human Resource Job

The full name of the student and the title of the assignment should appear in the header or footer. Explain which career field you wish to pursue after college and why. (choose anything in the human resource field that easy to elaborate on)Research and share some of the common ethical dilemmas, including any Big 8/identity based […]

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Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

List the steps you think it would take to teach someone how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  Assume the person you are teaching has a developmental disability and has never made a sandwich before.Hint: It is greater than 20next paragraphWhy is it important to understand the basis of a persons’ mobility disability? […]

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