Case: Performance Lawn Equipment

Elizabeth Burke wants some detailed statistical information about much of the data in the PLE database. In particular, she wants to know the following: (Use attached excel to show solution data for the below questions is in the attached excel.) a. the mean satisfaction ratings and standard deviations by year and region in the worksheets […]

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Business Communication

Informative Presentation (Due Week 4)This informative presentation is restricted to something applicable to work life. That gives you a very broad range of possibilities. You should spend time researching something interesting to you that will likely benefit the class as well. Learning more about current business events or “hot topics” in the workplace will help […]

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Career Analysis

1.Assess your developmental level. Where in the career process are you? Whereas some individuals may just want any job, others may want any job in a chosen profession, and still others may be looking to “settle into” a career path and focus on a specific type of job in that profession.2.Take an interest inventory. Many […]

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Economic And Social Classes

compare and contrast the five economic and/or social classes of diversity, and explain how economic diversity impacts business and workplacrelationships.Assignment Details:nswer the following two questions. What are the five social classes? Explain each of them in full detail.. Consider the high and low end of our social classes. There are some that consider CEOs overpaid […]

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Religious Diversity

 describe a best practice for managing religious diversity in the workplace. Do you believe that this should be a protected characteristic?  Provide research, facts, and examples to back up your views. 

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Rules of Thumb

Students should read the chapter and other readings and based on research from an organizational perspective, as well as the chapter information, discuss what are some good “rules of thumb” for conducting successful performance appraisal interviews?Your discussion is to be submitted in 12-point Times New Roman font using APA format.Use at least two (2) academically […]

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Collective Bargaining

Students should reflect on the Discussion Topic from Module Three and their experiences with the negotiating process. Include the following details in your response:A copy of the agreed-upon collective bargaining agreement section on employee safety (posted in the Discussion Topic)A one-page personal account of the negotiating process. This account needs to include:A summary of the […]

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Internal Vs External Stakeholders

In this assignment, you will write a minimum two-page paper that explains the treatment of internal and external stakeholdersInstructions:In your paper, you will address the following points: Which (internal or external stakeholders), if either, is more important? Why do you feel this to be true? Research and describe one organization that does a great job […]

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Bachelors Capstone In Healthcare Administration

as response to this post 75 words if you cite then also use referenceNatalia Andino LeonHello class,t is important to identify risk and categorize them for a health care organization start working in a plan to solve it. The level of risk can determinate on how the plan is going to be developed. Identifying risk […]

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Examine Different Pay Structures

As the HR Director of your organization, you have decided to create training materials for newly hired HR team members. Your next item is to prepare a pamphlet designed to interpret best practices in establishing pay structures.Conduct research and identify three to five elements to effective pay structuring and its application to a given workforce. […]

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