Men and Masculinity

Discuss the representation of men and masculinity (Bruno, Kamala’s father, etc.) in Ms. Marvel: No Normal. The novel that you can take help of the link is as follows:

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An Introduction to Gender Studies

Overview: Students are required to write a response paper to ONE (1) of the five (5) class readings in the following section. The response paper should include a summary of the work, an evaluation of its merit, as well as the student’s reaction to the piece. The paper should be approximately 1000 – 1500 words.  […]

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Sexism and Standards in the Government

Your paper should have at least the following sections: 1. Introductory paragraph: In this paragraph you should have a clear thesis stating the main point you wish to make regarding the meaning of the human being and how this relates to the two thinkers you have chosen from the course. 2. Review of Two Thinkers: […]

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Read the attached article and answer the following questions in a paragraph each (6sentences minimum). DO NOT INCLUDE THE QUESTIONS IN YOUR PAPER, SIMPLY NUMBER YOUR PARAGRAPHS 1-4.1-What is the overall purpose/thesis/point of the chapter/essay/article?2-How does the author(s) make their point(s)? What do they discuss? What evidence and examples do they give?3-How does the author(s) […]

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