Aerosol Optical Depth

Below is the instructions for the Review Paper given By the Professor: Environmental Literature Review Paper:  What is it? A review article is not an original study. It examines previous studies and compiles their data and evidence to reach a conclusion that is statistically stronger than any in the single studies, mainly because of having […]

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 Persuasive Research Paper 

This is a persuasive research paper. I would prefer this paper to be on an environmental issue. This paper must be 100% original.  Assignment Details  “Your research paper will be persuasive in nature. Choose a topic you feel strongly about and provide facts, stats, etc. to back up your opinion/stand you are taking. I want to […]

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Industrial Ergonomics

Please don’t copy past anything from the internet , and citation should be right       Book :  Stack, T., Ostrom, L. T., & Wilhelmsen, C. A. (2016). Occupational ergonomics: A practical approach. Wiley.   For the online BOOK:   username: password: shehadeH3!   CSU Online Library:   Username: ahmed.shehadeh1 […]

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Alternative Fossil Fuels

This is a research paper and you must use credible and up to date (last 5 years) sources only. We will be doing short research papers this semester and you can use them for this semester project. The most likely sources will be publications such as Physics Today, Physics News, News, Scientific American, New Scientist, […]

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Food Security

Assignment 2: Analysis on Food Security Due Week 7 and worth 110 points   The members of the United Nations found great value in the analysis you provided on the effects of global warming that result from population growth. They are now asking you write an additional analysis to include further issues related to population growth. […]

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Emergency Planning

The CDC has great resources for health care organizations and other businesses as well. You can view these resources at the CDC’s emergency planning website ( Choose one of the types of natural disaster and devise an action plan to prepare your local community for this disaster. Prepare a professional proposal to presen to your […]

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Environmental Health in Totality

Understanding Environmental Health in Totality Now that you have understood the impact of environmental factors on human health, create a 7- to 10- page Microsoft Word document addressing the following questions: Describe three waterborne diseases and suggest methods for their prevention. Provide one example of a toxic chemical that may enter the public water supply? […]

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Grammatical Errors

Format: The paper should be 10 pages long, which really means 9 – 11.  It should be double spaced and in 12 pt Times New Roman font with one inch margins.  You’ve already submitted a bibliography, so you don’t need to include that, but you do need to use in text citation when you cite […]

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Disease Control and Prevention

Read the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s page on ADHD; the link is provided below. Use the close reading techniques described in Chapter 1 of the e-book. It may be helpful to print off the page and annotate the text. Then, summarize the website in 150-250 words. Your summary should be similar to the […]

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Individual Draft Overview

synthesize developed ideas, and highlight the key areas of analysis which identified in the outline. the topic is Alternative Energy is Beneficial and Economical, but I have to work only on 2 sub-topic are Historical Timeline and Government. so just write 2 pages for Historical Timeline, & 2 pages for Government from the developed outline by using selected 5 […]

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