Refrigerant 134a leaves the evaporator as saturated vapor at

Refrigerant 134a leaves the evaporator as saturated vapor at 1.4bar and is heated at constant pressure to 20 degrees C before entering the compressor. After isentropic compression to 12bar, the refrigerant passes through the condensor exiting at at 44 degrees C, 12 bar. The liquid then passes through the heat exchanger, entering the expansion valve […]

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Fourier analysis using Excel

The supply current was sampled 1024 times over a very short time interval. The data so obtained is given in column B of the accompanying Excel worksheet (see attached). This worksheet has been set up to give a graph showing the spectral components of the data. Question 3 i) Obtain the Fourier Transform for the […]

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4 Pillars of Safety Management System

List and explain the “4 Pillars” of SMS. List and explain the “4 Pillars” of SMS. Assess their value in creating a “proactive and predictive” safety program. Remember, you must have a title page, 300 word body written in 3rd person, and at least two references. Solution Preview Hello and thank you for your question. […]

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Two solid steel shafts connected by gears

Two solid steel shafts (G = 11.2 x 106 psi) are connected by the gears shown. Ends B and D are fixed. Assume points A and C are where the gears meets the shafts. What is the maximum shear stress in shaft CD under the loading shown? Choose One: 7.832ksi 6.987ksi 6.443ksi 5.844ksi What is […]

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Pressure Cooker and Mass Flow Rate

Steam is leaving a pressure cooker whose operating pressure is 30 psi. It is observed that the amount of liquid in the cooker has decreased by 0.4 gal in 45 minutes after the steady operating conditions are established, and the cross-sectional area of the exit opening is 0.15 in^2. Determine (a) the mass flow rate […]

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Dog Legged Staircases

Dog legged staircase is one of the simplest form of staircases in which a flight of stairs ascends to a half-landing before turning 180 degrees and continuing upwards. It is also called this because of its appearance in sectional elevation. From a design point of view, the advantage of this staircase lies in its compact […]

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Bit Strings

A bit string is a string of bits (0â??s and 1â??s). The length of a bit string is the number of bits in the string. An example, of a bit string of length four is 0010. An example, of a bit string of length five is 11010. Use the Rule of Products to determine the […]

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Statement of Interest

This is actually a statement of interest for applying the undergraduate research program In my statement, make sure that you address each project specifically:  Why are you interested?  Why are you qualified?  What skills can you bring to the project?  What classes have you taken that relate to the project?  What do you hope to […]

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4 problem About Refrigeration and Heat Pump Systems

It will start before 3 hours of deadline. You will only have 3 hours or less to finish this, if you can finish one send one answer is better.

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Reactions of Brace and Gusset Plates Under Cyclic Loading

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