Public Speaking

Title: The Hidden Secrets to Disneyland Topic: The secrets of Disneyland General Purpose: To inform Specific Purpose: I want to inform my audience about the theme park of Disneyland and how it holds hidden secrets that aren’t normally seen by the human eye. I. INTRODUCTION A. Attention Getter: Who here has been to the most […]

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Plath Poems: Edge and Wintering

1. When Ted Hughes published Sylvia Plath’s book of poetry, Ariel, he did not adhere to Plath’s intended order and inclusion of poems, had she lived to see the collection into print. Instead, in 1965, Hughes rearranged the poems and replaced fourteen poems with thirteen others of his own choosing. The first poem of the […]

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Garden Imagery in Richard II, Act 2, Scene 1

In Richard II play by Shakespeare, Act 2, Scene 1, Lines 31-68, John of Gaunt gives a highly significant speech about England as a location described as a garden. Please comment on Gaunt’s description and relate it to other passages in the play that specifically relate to the concept of gardens. Also, what is Shakespeare […]

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Smoking is Very Glamorous: Rhetorical Analysis

The “Smoking is Very Glamorous” photograph is meant to make you think and to persuade you to adopt a particular point of view. Explain why the photo represents an insufficient, unrepresentative sample. In spite of your knowledge about the sample, is the photo and statement “smoking is very glamorous” effective in persuading people to think […]

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Sample Reinstatement Letter

Writing Assignment. I need help! I have just discovered that I have been dismissed from the graduate work due to a low GPA of 2.90. I need at least a 3.0 to continue with the program. I need a sample copy of a reinstatement and rationale letter to help me write my own letter. Do […]

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An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge

Need help writing a short story draft for the story posted in the thesis below. In Ambrose Bierce’s “An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge,” the theme of war’s grim realities is carefully facilitated through characterization, setting, and irony. The assignment instructions are: -This Essay will be a Five Paragraph Essay, 700 word minimum: introduction, 3 […]

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Causes of Prejudice”

1) Which causes that Vincent Parrillo discusses in “Causes of Prejudice” can be applied to C.P. Ellis’s situation that he explains in his interview with Studs Terkel? 2) How can Parrillo’s theories be applied to Ellis’s situation? 3) To what extent does Ellis’s experience illustrate the theories of prejudice described by Vincent N. Parrillo in […]

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Analysis of “The Third and Final Continent”

How does the character of Mrs. Croft help the main character transition to his new American life in ‘The Third and Final Continent’? Does she play an important role in this? Solution Preview In “The Third and Final Continent,” Mrs. Croft helps the narrator by becoming his connection to life in America. Even though she […]

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False News

Essay can NOT have anything about covid-19 also the Thesis statement first sentence of the paragraph   MLA formatting. Times New Roman (TNR), size 12 font with 1″ margins.  Heading should only be on the first page

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R.a 9163 and R.a 7077 Essay

1. Research on R.A. 7077 It is an act providing for the development, administration, organization, training, maintenance and utilization of the Citizen Armed Forces of the Armed Forces of the Philippines and for other purposes. This may also include civil police officers when needed to maintain law and order. It is known as the Citizen Armed Forces of the Philippines Reservist Act. Republic Act 7077 mandated the […]

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