Cultural Background Summary: A Sample

Cultural Background Summary Using the UOP Material “You as a Culturally Diverse Entity,”(see Attachment) prepare a 700-word Cultural Background Summary of your personal cultural background. My Cultural background Native American, 49 year old male, married(wife is Hispanic) 4 children, youngest child of 3 boys, 26 years in the military retired, and trying to finish my […]

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Similar divinities within different cultures

Different cultures around the world and throughout history have had numerous gods and goddesses. In spite of the variety of divinities it appears that they tend to fulfill similar roles and needs within the respective societies. Why is this so? Solution Preview Why do so many cultures have divinities in similar roles? Human beings face […]

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Cultural Makeup

Early Civilization The term culture represents the shared values and beliefs of a group of people that develop over time and are passed from one generation to another. Culture can be seen in art, religious or spiritual beliefs, systems of laws, or the customs that comprise the way a group functions. Human culture, under this […]

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California Cultures

Please open the first document and answer #1 in 250+ words. Do not plagiarize, and click the link to get more information about Toypurina. Open the second document and answer #2 a-c in 250+ words. Type or click on the links to gain more information about the topic.

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Chicano Studies

In a well thought essay, describe using as many relevant details on how you would describe the course/Field of Study for Chicanx Studies. Mention political and historical events, persons of significance, identity formation, etc. For example: Imagine explaining to someone unfamiliar with our field how this course fits into all majors, not just the humanities: […]

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Culture and Social Structure

Review the concept of culture. While Sociologists and Anthropologists often use this idea at a global level, it has other uses as well. Review the concepts that relate to culture: norms, values, beliefs, ethnocentrism, and cultural relativity. Then, review the mission and history of your agency. Think of your agency as having a “culture”. That […]

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A Multicultural Existence

Essay 3 is an argumentative essay of at least 1200 words, not including works cited page. Your essay should focus on one of four thematic topics provided below and analyze an aspect of that issue. This essay asks you to take a stance and provide evidence using at least two (2) of the essays from […]

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Response Essay

“For my final project, I would like to do a comparison case study about how female characters were portraited in Saving Face, directed by Alice Wu, and Margaret Cho’s All-American Girl. My main argument is that although the Asian female characters in these texts were portrait as submissive or erotic individuals, Saving Face and All-American […]

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Cultural Practices and Values

Research and discuss cultural practices and values that influence what and how infants are fed. What are some examples of specific cultural beliefs and traditions that affect infant feeding practices? Also, describe the influence of acculturation in the United States on infant feeding practices among infant mothers.

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Documentaries Review

Bearing witness describes a structure of documentary spectatorship in which viewers are solicited to listen, acknowledge and affirm an experience to which one or more people, a community perhaps, testifies. More than this, it is a mode of spectatorship interested in transforming a recognition of trauma into a collective social responsibility that might manifest as […]

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