Public Order Crimes

Each discussion question should be answered in paragraph form using proper A.P.A. writing techniques. In order to obtain the maximum amount of points, each discussion question should be answered in approximately 350-500 words (excluding repeating the questions). Students are welcome to elaborate over the 500 word-limit. Students are graded on content, supporting their opinion or […]

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Diversity within Canadian Agencies

Diversity Within Canadian Public Safety Agencies Background The value of having public safety agencies (policing and corrections) employees who represent the composition of the communities they work in has been understood for decades now.  It is believed that a public safety organization that represents the demographics of its community is not only important, but there […]

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Corrections in America

One of the central issues in Corrections in America: A Portrait in Color is understanding the relationship between race and the U.S. corrections system. Using what you know about race and corrections, explain where is taxpayer money best spent: on schools or on prisons?

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Reputational Risk Case Study

Research and study the case relating to the judgement found at this link: Imagine you are a senior officer in a police force not affected by the case. In order to assess your force’s potential reputational risk should a similar incident occur in your area you have been asked by your Chief Constable to […]

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Discretion in Criminal Justice

What is discretion and how is it applied within the criminal justice system?

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Increase in Crime Trends

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250-word min every Two scholarly sources each please list your references in APA format eachE1. What is the Buddhist idea of Anatta?   Why is this concept important for Buddhist thought and practice?How does Anatta contrast with Western ideas of the soul?If Anatta is the best way to look at the soul, would it make a difference as to how anyone […]

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