Network Topologies

Every attempt that has hitherto been made to solve the problem of dreams has dealt directly with their manifest content as it is presented in our memory. All such attempts have endeavoured to arrive at an interpretation of dreams from their manifest content or (if no interpretation was attempted) to form a judgement as to […]

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Programming languages

1. Some programming languages are typeless. What are a few of the obvious advantages and disadvantages of having no types in a language. Keep your answer to 1 paragraph or less. 2. Dynamic type binding is closely related to implicit heap-dynamic variables. Explain this relationship. Keep your answer to 1 paragraph or less. 3. What […]

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Cyber Security Essay

This is a two part paper: first part is the instruction below once I post the first part I will provide the second which is three short responses to other students post.IntroductionIt is always advisable to grant only the minimum required privileges to the users and applications to ensure system security. In this activity, you […]

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Information Technology

Assume you are in the insurance business. Find two examples of type 2 slowly changingdimensions in that business.As an analyst on the project, write the specifications forapplying the type 2 changes to the data warehouse with regard to the two examples.general explanation in one or two paragraphs.

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Web Application Security

Discuss the measures you would take to mitigate this most important vulnerability and a threat to your organization.  Based on the well-known Linux toolkit, what tool(s) would you use to support your approach? For example, if you selected Authentication and Authorization as your area of concern – you might select a Password tool like “John […]

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Cloud Computing Security

For any of the following cloud computing security, email security, social network security, network security, mobile device security, Web security,  write a 5 pages research paper. The paper must have all the following: Abstract, Title, Introduction, Previous work (literature review), Conclusion, Bibliography. The paper needs t have at least 5 peer reviewed articles (conference or […]

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