Comparing & Conntrasting the 4 Ps Approach to the Value Approach

I am having trouble comparing and contrasting a four Ps approach to marketing (price, product, place, and promotion) versus the value approach (creating, communicating, and delivering value). Also, what would you expect to be the same and what would you expect to be different between two companies that apply one or the other approach? Solution […]

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Advantages and two main disadvantages of correlational Research

2. a. Discuss two main advantages and two main disadvantages of doing correlational research? b. Give an example of two variables that you think are negatively correlated with each other and explain why you think so. 3. a. What are three essential characteristics of an experiment? b. Why and how is each of these important […]

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Putting arguments into standard form

I can understand the basic standard form of an argument when it is given to me, but when I see an argument without a second premis I dont understand it. My teacher is not very good at explaining and will not even recommend a good book for me to read to help understand. This is […]

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Juvenile Sex Offenders – critical analysis

need help with another Critical Analysis of JSOs for MS Psychology Capstone Course Text: Browne, M. N., & Keeley, S. M. (2013). Asking the right questions: A guide to critical thinking 9/e (Custom Edition). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Prentice Hall. Chapter 10 To prepare: • Review the list of identified causes and effects: 1. […]

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Cultural Background Summary: A Sample

Cultural Background Summary Using the UOP Material “You as a Culturally Diverse Entity,”(see Attachment) prepare a 700-word Cultural Background Summary of your personal cultural background. My Cultural background Native American, 49 year old male, married(wife is Hispanic) 4 children, youngest child of 3 boys, 26 years in the military retired, and trying to finish my […]

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SMART goal for child with ADHD

the form that capital punishment took in Athens was by drinking a drink containing poison hemlock. Therefore Socrates took the hemlock because that was his punishment. During the course of the trial after he was found guilty the prosecution asked for the death penalty to be administered. When Socrates was asked what he felt would […]

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Dysfunctional Conflicts at the Workplace

100- to 200-word summary. Use the points below to craft your summary: ? Which Stage I, II, III, IV and V elements are evident. Descriptions? List three to four elements, for example, perception, types of intentions, and behavior. ? Provide a short description of how the Stage elements played a part in your classmate’s conflicts. […]

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History and Evolution of Clinical Psychology

What is the history and evolving nature of clinical psychology – What is the role of research and statistics in clinical psychology – What are the differences between clinical psychology and other mental health professions, including social work, psychiatry, and school psychology Solution Preview (1) What is the history and evolving nature of clinical psychology? […]

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Intercultural Communications

This solution offers a general review of the significant principles of management communications used to successfully achieve organizational objectives in the following areas: •Explain effective communication norms in a business setting. •Describe the role of interpersonal communication both as a manager and as an employee. What specific techniques have you used to overcome barriers to […]

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Vygotsky and Language as a Cultural Tool

Cultural tools shape cognitive development and can include both technical tools, which act on the environment, and psychological tools, which are tools for thinking. Discuss Vygotsky’s belief that language is the most significant of the cultural tools. Do you agree or disagree? Examine the given images of other psychological tools. Discuss how time may influence […]

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