Observing Chemical Reactions

Introduction Chemical reactions occur when atoms of same or different elements exchange electrons to form new products. The exchange of electrons or atoms is usually invisible and can be seen in form or chemical changes. The changes represents evidence of a chemical reaction. Such changes include formation of a solid precipitate from aqueous solutions, heat […]

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Stoichiometry of a Precipitate ion Reaction

CHEM 181 DL1 Stoichiometry of a Precipitat ion Reaction My percent yield was 86 percent. It was not the optimal 100 percent, but it was on the higher range. It could be possible that I could have had a higher percent yield had the scale not have gone only to the tenth place. My theoretical […]

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Chemistry homework help

Student ID 48408 Lesson Oxidation-Reduction Activity Series Institution Ocean County College Session 2019L3 CHEM 182 DL1 Course CHEM 182 DL1 Instructor Nancy Marashi Final Report Exercise 1 CHEM 182 DL1 Oxidation-Reduction Activity Series Oxidation is the process of being oxidized. Reduction is when a chemical, during a reaction, gains electrons. The oxidation number is the […]

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Two lab reports

Copyright 2019 – Hands-On Labs | http://holscience.com 1 / 14 Student Name Mohammed Alnaimi Student ID 48408 Lesson Laboratory Techniques and Measurements Institution Ocean County College Session 2019L2 CHEM 181 DL1 Course CHEM 181 DL1 Instructor Lea Stage Final Report Exercise 1 CHEM 181 DL1 Laboratory Techniques and Measurements The reason could be atmospheric pressure […]

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Chlorination Of Alkanes

Chlorination of alkanes can produce a multitude of products. Determine the number of monochlorinated and dichlorinated products that can be obtained by chlorination of 3-methylpentane. (Consider constitutional isomers only. Do not count stereoisomers.),To continue with the answer check on mycoursewriter.com/

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Oxidation-Reduction Activity Series

Lab 8 – Oxidation-Reduction Activity Series My Home Chemistry 1105 Net-03 Nisaa Sarwar Unit 8 Purpose: ​The purpose of this lab is to observe and differentiate between chemical reactions and to learn how to write balanced chemical equations for them. Procedure: Experiment 1: 1. Make sure you put on your gloves and goggles before you […]

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Alternate Separation of a Mixture Lab

1. To understand different physical separation techniques 2. To separate the components of a mixture of sand (SiO2), table salt (NaCl) and ammonium chloride (NH4Cl), using various separation techniques 3. To determine the percent composition of each component 4. To determine the percent recovery of the total mixture Materials: · 2 g unknown sample · […]

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Molecule Is Best Described As A: CH3—CH2—CH2—CH2

Lesson 1 Exam Question 1 5 / 5 points 1. Which of these would be a valid hypothesis? Question options: Human history is determined by a series of supernatural events. Humans should help in the conservation of other animal species.   Humans are controlled by forces beyond our understanding.   Humans and bacteria share a […]

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EXPERIMENT 1: DATA TABLE 1: GAS OBSERVATIONS Step / Reaction Observations Reaction between Zinc and Hydrochloric Acid Bubbled quickly and started to rise to the top. Gas is being released in the form of bubbles. Hydrogen gas and Flame A chemical reaction occurred where the gas was released quickly. With the smoldering toothpick you heard […]

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Two Lab Reports

Copyright 2019 – Hands-On Labs | http://holscience.com 3 / 4 Data Table 2: Mixture Summary About 0.02% was recovered through the separation techniques. 1. What percent of the total mass of mixture of solids (Init ial) was recovered through the separation techniques? Particles that didn’t get separated completely or being lost on containers. 2. Describe […]

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