E-R Diagram for Airline Reservation Tables

An airline reservation is an association between a passenger; a flight, and a seat. Select a few pertinent attributes for each of these entity types and represent a reservation in an E-R diagram. Thanks for your help!!Solution is an E-R diagram with helpful text annotations as both a high-quality TIFF image and a more commonly […]

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Competitor Analysis of Southwest Airlines

Please submit a brief description of the main competitors of Southwest Airlines. Give a brief description of each competitor and compare Southwest Airlines to the competitors in terms of service marketing. Provide advantages and disadvantages of the service marketing of each competitors in comparison to Southwest Airlines. Support your points by real examples. It is […]

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Calculating External Financing Needed

Trying to find the external financing needed to support the 20% growth rate in sales of a company who is operating at full capacity and no debt or equity is issued with the following information: Sales for 2007 are projected to grow by 20 percent. Interest expense will remain constant; the tax rate and the […]

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Process Capability Index

1. Aspen Plastics produces plastic bottles to customer order. The quality inspector randomly selects four bottles from the bottle machine and measures the outside diameter of the bottle neck, a critical quality dimension that determines whether the bottle cap will fit properly. The dimensions (in.) from the last six samples are: Sample 1 | 2 […]

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Product Design vs. Functionality: Which is more important?

Nielsen Norman [professor of computer science, psychology and cognitive science at Northwestern University in Chicago and User Experience Architect” and fellow at Apple Computer in California and author of ground-breaking book, The Psychology of Everyday Things] in his book, “Emotional Design” posits that there are three levels at play in design: visceral, behavioral, and reflective. […]

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product and service failure

Did you know that only about a third of the products test-marketed do well enough to go on to the next phase? The areas that are most often used as a “test market” include: Grand Junction, CO, Cedar Rapids, IA, Eau Claire, WI, Pittsfield, MA, Odessa-Midland, TX and Wichita Falls, TX. These areas have been […]

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Employee Management/Incentive

1. Which of the following is true concerning incentive pay? a) The award is earned only when the predetermined work objective is totally completed. b) Motivates employees to Fbe more productive, but does little to control payroll costs. c) Awards are granted in one-time payouts. d) Incentive levels are generally subjective in nature. 2. In […]

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Relationship marketing

Which is the following statements about relationship marketing is most accurate? A. Relationship marketing has a short-term focus on increasing profits. B. Relationship marketing is easy to implement so there is no reason for firms not to make this goal. C. Relationship marketing is more effective when there is a personal, ongoing relationship between individuals […]

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Investments, Earnings and Bonds

Could use some help on these problems to make sure I did them right: Chap 1 2. Lanni Products is a start-up computer software development firm. It currently owns computer equipment worth $30,000 and has cash on hand of $20,000 contributed by Lanni’s owners. For each of the following transactions, identify the real and/or financial […]

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Four elements of the budgeting cycle

Discuss the four elements of the budgeting cycle What are the human aspects of budgeting? Do you have a budget for personal expenses? Does it work? © BrainMass Inc. brainmass.com March 4, 2021, 10:53 pm ad1c9bdddf https://brainmass.com/business/the-accounting-cycle/discuss-four-elements-budgeting-cycle-372381 Solution Preview Discuss the four elements of the budgeting cycle. The four elements center around the sources of […]

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