Marketing concepts: Selective exposure, Selective perception

Marketers have observed that consumers meet their needs in different ways, often because they have different perceptions. Consumers apply selective processes to manage the marketing stimuli that flood them every day. Describe three selective processes and how they affect consumers. Which of these three most affect you? Illustrate why you picked the one did with […]

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Team Norms and Procedures

The comment was made that norms are implicit, and tend to develop over time. However, it was also observed that virtual teams can not afford the luxury of such a passive process, and need to take proactive steps to establish explicit norms. For this case, please complete the following: – Identify 10 specific behavioral norms […]

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Walmart’s Organizational Behavior Discipline

Evaluate all aspects of the Wal-Mart’s organization with respect to the concepts, theories, and terminology associated with the Organizational Behavior discipline learned in this course. In the Introduction, please provide some historical background of the company. Solution Preview The following will help and assist you in writing your paper. I am the original author of […]

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Benchmarking and Examples of Controls(Behavior,Input,Output)

What are some examples of behavior controls, output controls, input controls? Is benchmarking just another fad or is it really useful for all firms? Why? Solution Preview Examples of Controls: a)Behaviour Controls: Seeks to secure a specified type of behaviour in the belief that it will lead to the desired results. Policies, Guidelines, Methodologies, Procedures, […]

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McDonald’s Logistics Management

Does McDonald’s use quality management procedures in its logistics system? In what ways (some specific examples)? If McDonald’s does not use quality management procedures, what steps would you suggest they put in place in order to improve its logistics system? Solution Preview McDonald’s uses quality management within its logistics systems. However, in order to understand […]

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Direct Costs for Trenton Glass Works

The following information pertains to Trenton Glass Works for the year just ended. Budgeted direct-labor cost: 70,000 hours (practical capacity) at $16 per hour Actual direct-labor cost: 80,000 hours at $17.50 per hour Budgeted manufacturing overhead: $997,500 Actual selling and administrative expenses: 432,000 Actual manufacturing overhead: Depreciation $231,000 Property taxes 23,000 Indirect labor 81,000 Supervisory […]

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Consumer’s Opportunity Set

a) Consumers’ opportunity set show the various combination of two good that are available given the amount of income and prices? Do you agree or disagree. Discuss b) Suppose all prices doubled and at the same time consumers’ income also doubled, will this alter the consumer’s opportunity set. If yes, explain. If no, explain Solution […]

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Product Components for Adaptation

What are the three major components of a product and what is their importance to product adaptation? Name an American product that has been changed physically to sell in foreign markets and explain the process and the reason. Name an American product that has been changed culturally to sell in foreign markets and explain the […]

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Five Subsystems of Organizational Change

1. What are the the five subsystems in organizational change? Explain what they mean. Why? 2. Use a time at work when your organization went through these stages. 3. Explain, based on your organization, a socio-technical system and its five components. 4. Based on your organization, compare and contrast managerial efficiency and effectiveness. What evidence […]

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The cost of capital reflects the cost of funds

1. The cost of capital reflects the cost of funds A) over a short-run time period. B) at a given point in time. C) over a long-run time period. D) at current book values. 2. The ________ from the sale of a security are the funds actually received from the sale after ________, or the […]

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