4 finance objectives questions

46. A firm has an issue of $1,000 par value bonds with a 12 percent stated interest rate outstanding. The issue pays interest annually and has 10 years remaining to its maturity date. If bonds of similar risk are currently earning 8 percent, the firm’s bond will sell for _________ today. (a) $1,000 (b) $805.20 […]

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CAPM and significance of low value of R-square in regression

Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) is used to calculate the required return from a stock. To calculate the required return from ABC stock, a regression was run between the S&P Index daily retun over risk free rate and ABC daily returns over risk free rate on the historical data for 500 days. The R square […]

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Odd-even Pricing, Prestige Pricing, Price Bundling, and Captive Pricing

Please explain these four concepts a little more in depth: odd-even pricing, prestige pricing, price bundling, and captive pricing. Give an example of each. Also, are there any new products that are marketing with a penetration or a skimming approach? Solution Preview Please refer to the attached file for the response. PRICING CONCEPTS ODD-EVEN PRICING […]

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The manager of a bank recorded the amount of time each customer

The manager of a bank recorded the amount of time each customer spent waiting in line during peak business hours one Monday. The frequency distribution below summarizes the results. Find the standard deviation. Waiting time (minutes) Number of customers 0-3 13 4-7 16 8-11 8 12-15 11 16-19 0 20-23 2 (Show work) 5 Solution […]

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Business Ethics: John Rawls’ Theory of Justice

See attached file. John Rawls discusses the principles of justice and fairness in the distribution of opportunities and hardships. Rawls’ full Theory of Justice as Fairness is a useful tool for ethical decision making. Use the Internet to research John Rawls’ Theory of Justice as Fairness. (See attachment. feel free to use internet as well.) […]

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Business Ethics and Jury Misconduct

1. Business Ethics. Jason Trevor owns a commercial bakery in Blakely, Georgia, that produces a variety of goods sold in grocery stores. Trevor is required by law to perform internal tests on food produced at his plant to check for contamination. On three occasions, the tests of food products containing peanut butter were positive for […]

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Explain how higher quality can lead to lower costs.

22. Explain how higher quality can lead to lower costs. The ability of a company to produce a good at a high quality leads to lower costs. When creating a product, many firms are faced with the question of what raw resources are necessary to form the product they wish to sell. In many cases, […]

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Microsoft: Marketing Strategies, Branding, and Expansion

Microsoft was founded in 1975, when Bill Gates left Harvard at age 19 to work with high school friend Paul Allen on a version of the BASIC programming language. After moving the company from Albuquerque, New Mexico, to Seattle in 1979, Gates and Allen began writing operating system software. What happened to the company since […]

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Cash vs Accrual Accounting

M3-2 Reporting Cash Basis versus Accrual Basis Income Mostert Music Company had the following transactions in March: a. Sold instruments to customers for $10,000; received $6,000 in cash and the rest on account. The cost of the instruments was $7,000. b. Purchased $4,000 of new instruments inventory; paid $1,000 in cash and owed the rest […]

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Strategic Management for California Pizza Kitchen (CPK)

Visit California Pizza Kitchen’s (CPK) official company website and identify their vision, mission, values, and goals. (Hint: Click on the “investor relations” link”.) Be sure to look at the most recent annual report. Step 2: Critically evaluate these elements. Use the criteria in the background materials as well as the readings for the SLP to […]

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