Female Perspective on Kawaii

~11000 word UK-style dissertation of Undergraduate Level The structure itself is pretty standard: Introduction; Literature Review; Methodology; Findings and Disscussion; Conclusion While the subject would be in asian studies, the paper is somewhere in the field of sociology as the research methodology is qualitative research, featuring interviews. [I would like someone with experience in extracting […]

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Ethnic Minorities in Vietnam

ANSWER 2 QUESTION: 1) Explain about ethnic minorities in Vietnam. What kind of language and ethnic identities do they have? (850 WORDS) 2) Discuss about Vietnamese migrants in Japan. How are they socially integrating into the communities in Japan? Or, do they stay as “strangers” in the society, if so, how and why? (1100 WORDS)

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South American Asians

South Asian families (Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, the Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka) had the highest growth rate over the last decade any other ethnic minority group, and now number nearly 3.5 million people living the United States (SAALT, 2012). Read through this DEMOGRAPHIC SNAPSHOT OF SOUTH ASIANS IN THE UNITED STATES (SAALT, 2012) and your text. […]

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Dimensions of Religion

You will read translations of parts of important religious texts. The translations will be assigned to you, and you will have to use and cite the translations provided to you for your assignment. Your task will be to compare the texts using the seven dimensions of religion (when appropriate – not all dimensions will necessarily […]

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Sex, Sexual Ethics, and Asian Religions

(1) address sexuality (be specific about what aspect); (2) address an Asian religious tradition (be specific about which tradition, region, and historical period; although present in Asia, essays cannot address Christianity or Judaism; essays on Islam must use sources from and about Asian regions); and (3) identify primary source material and academic approach. (e.g. history, analysis of an important text, philosophical discussion […]

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the multiple waves of Vietnamese migrants to the U.S.

You will be responsible for writing a paper (2 pages) regarding the multiple waves of  Vietnamese migrants to the U.S. Please use a credible newspaper (New York Times, the Atlantic, Reuters, Associated Press, etc.) and analyze the article.-What is the article about?-What were some of the challenges Vietnamese migrants experienced post 1960s?-What are some of […]

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Pillow Talk

After reading Pillow Talk, pick a topic (religion, aesthetics, literature, sexuality, gender) and explore its role in the book in relation to its content, structure, and themes. Frame your observations with an overview of historical time, place, and events discussed, but also examine how your topic relate to it aristocratic world in which the author […]

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