Top-Rated Medical research topics 2021

Top-Rated Medical research topics 2021

In such an intricate field like medicine, completing medical research assignments can be daunting.  With an endless list ranging from cancer treatments to public health, it can be hard to select a medical research topic in 2021. But that is why we are here; we have compiled a complete guide on the top medical research topics in 2021 and everything you need to know.

What is medical research?

Medical research, also known as biomedical research, comprises of a variety of research from basic research (research on basic medicine principles), pre-clinical and clinical research (which may involve subjects such as humans and animals). Medical research aims to improve the already existing medicine and procedures or to develop new ones.

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Top-Rated Medical research topics 2021
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Why is medical research important?

The high quality of medical care we enjoy today is built upon years of effort by physicians, physician-scientists, and other medical professionals investigating the causes of and potential treatments for diseases. Many once-fatal diseases and ailments have become a thing of the past because of the strenuous efforts of these doctors.

Today’s medical research findings promise to minimize the burden of our most serious health issues, such as diabetes, cancer, and heart disease. However, there is plenty of work to be done.  We will witness significant improvements in therapeutic approaches as science unravels the molecular mechanisms that underpin disease.

Researchers are at the frontline of this medical knowledge revolution. A majority of the research projects are translational in nature in order to take advantage of advancements in our understanding of the disease.

Translational medical research aims to take medical breakthroughs made in the lab and apply them to clinical practice so that doctors can help their patients live longer and healthier lives.

When you contribute to medical research, you are assisting in the development of medicine’s future.

How important is research for medical students?

Medical students have a lot on their belts. Studying medicine entails a great deal of effort. Why, therefore, is it so vital to engage in health and medical research on top of everything else? It is vital particularly when nationally and internationally, medical schools are including a research study as either a requirement of their program or a highly encouraged option.

Medical students should and must engage in research as part of their studies, and here are some of the reasons why:

  1. When it comes to acquiring post-graduate training positions, research experience in medical school is becoming increasingly important. Such training opportunities are pretty competitive, and having prior research expertise is a considerable benefit.
  2. Research training may also be the first opportunity for students to express themselves in writing and do so coherently and concisely—this aids in forming habits that are essential in a medical career.
  3. Researching while in medical school can help you write articles and do research later on. This can help you advance in your career.
  4. It also indicates that physicians who are involved in research deliver superior treatment to their patients.
  5. The research process must be understood and appreciated by medical doctors. They must be able to evaluate literature critically. This is especially critical today because patients may access a wealth of information via the Internet. There are so many articles available, the majority of which are written without regard for quality or authenticity, simply to make money. Because the patient will inquire about things he read in the media, journals, or the Internet, doctors must know what is valid and not.

Given all of these advantages, it is clear that research is critical for medical students.

How to write a medical research paper

Writing a medical research paper is identical to writing any other research paper. You must use credible sources, write in a clear and structured style, and provide and build-up reasonable justification for all of your conclusions. In certain circumstances, the research you discuss on data you’ve obtained to answer your research questions. Understanding proper formatting, citations, and style will guide you in producing a well-respected and insightful paper.

Outline your paper

Organize your medical research paper logically and straightforwardly. Most schools require a cover page. Determine what information belongs under each title or section, and then include your sources as necessary. Starting with an outline is also a simple technique to get the writing process started.

Start with bullet points, then add notes obtained from references that support your argument.

The IMRAD style is a popular approach to format research articles. This determines the sequence which your paper should follow: introduction, methods, results, and discussion.

The outline is simply your paper’s basic structure. Don’t be concerned if you have to rearrange a few times to get everything just right.

Know the required format.

Before you start writing your research paper, look out the standards and formatting requirements. The length and formatting standards for each journal or grant writing institution vary. The length of your paper will most likely be predetermined, but unless otherwise told, aim for 10 – 20 pages.

Use a common font size and typeface, such as Times New Roman 12 point.

Make sure your paper is double-spaced.

Create a cover page if necessary. A cover page is required by most schools. Include the following information: main title, running title (typically an abbreviated version of the main title), author’s name, course name, and semester.

Compile your results

Depending on the type of paper you’re writing, divide it into logical sections. If it’s a quantitative study, the sections listed above must be included (i.e., Hypothesis, Previous Findings, etc.). If your work is a qualitative research, divide it into primary themes that make sense and flow naturally.

Divide the information into sections and subsections, with each part addressing one key point.

Any statistics or data tables that support your major points should be included.

Indicate the methodologies used to obtain results in a quantitative study.

Write the conclusion and discussion.

Write the conclusion and discussion. Tell the reader what you learned, why it’s important to the field, and what future study could be done to expand on this. Repeating information that you have already expressed in your medical research paper is discouraged.

Clearly state and summarize your research paper’s key points.

Discuss the importance of this research and how it contributes to the field.

If applicable, point out possible applications of the theory.

Make recommendations for further research based on the findings you’ve given.

Spend more time discussing the methods and results and less time on the introduction and discussion.

Write the introduction.

Begin with the introduction. Introduce the reader to your research paper’s topic. Give them some background information, explain why you’re writing this paper, and what they can expect from it. After you’ve finished the bulk of your paper, write the introduction, so you know exactly what you need to add for the reader to understand it.

Explain why the issue has to be addressed.

Discuss what is currently known about the field and what is missing.

Declare the purpose of your paper.

Keep the introduction short and precise.

Cite while you write.

Citing sources is necessary if you want to avoid plagiarism and give credit to other people’s ideas. It’s much easier to add citations as you write the paper than combing through your sources at the end to figure out where an idea came from.

Unless otherwise specified, prepare citations according to the American Medical Association (AMA) style guide.

To show that you’re using someone else’s concept, include citations at the conclusion of each phrase. Use these as required throughout your study medical research paper. The author’s last name, the year of publication, and the page number are all included.

Make a reference list and provide it at the end of your medical research paper

Edit your research paper

You should make sure your paper is well-organized and flows well. It’s also critical to submitting a final draft that is free of spelling and grammatical problems.

Review your paper severally to ensure that it is organized logically.

Make sure your paper is free of spelling and grammatical issues by proofreading it.

Make sure you’re following the paper’s formatting instructions to the core.

Have someone else proofread and check your paper for clarity. If necessary, revise.

How to choose a medical research topics

As medical students, choosing a research topic and deciding what we want to research can be daunting. But that should not be a concern anymore. Here is how you will choose an appropriate medical research topic

Choose a topic that aligns with your clinical interest.

If you are fascinated with a field and have questions about it, you should try to concentrate your research there.

Do you have a question in mind but aren’t sure what to ask? Don’t worry; look for academicians interested in research, and learn about their research interests and publications.

You never know what can pique your curiosity! If you still can’t think of anything to do but want to learn more about research, you may always ask a guide to assign you a project.

Do clinical research

While all types of research have a place in medicine, your aim as a medical student or resident is to understand how to research medical topics.

A meta-analysis will not expose you to actual research on the illness or condition you are interested in learning more about. Even a basic in-depth research project has a lot of possibilities for learning.

Focus more on the research rather than just doing data collection.

Data collection demands a lot of time and effort. While this is an important part of any research, be sure you aren’t just doing the scout work.

Ensure you acquire experience researching other papers and writing your paper.

Retrospective v/s Prospective

Due to the limited time, you may have at that institution as a medical student, conducting retrospective research that includes examining previously gathered data makes more sense.

You might not be the most outstanding candidate for a prospective study with a long follow-up period. However, there is no harm in pursuing a long-term study if you think you will be able to complete it.

What are some interesting medical research topics?     

Medicine is a broad topic. It provides students with numerous opportunities to examine resources of health-care knowledge from the past to the present day and even into the future. However, due to a lack of time and resources, we are compelled to confine our topics as much as possible in order to create a comprehensive and in-depth study. The following are some of the interesting medical research topics for you.

  1. The history of medicine. Medicine and religion
  2. Epidemics and pandemics in human history
  3. Child health care and its differences from the adult ones
  4. The treatment of pregnant women and their differences
  5. Battlefield medicine
  6. The role of paramedics in general health care
  7. The medicine in the third-world countries. Humanitarian missions
  8. Medical instruments: history and evolution
  9. The antibiotics and their role in the treatment of diseases
  10. Virus infections and their treatment
  11. The ethical aspects of medical research on humans and animals
  12. Drugs, homeopathic medicines, and the placebo effect
  13. The medical research ethic: can the results of unethical experiments be used to save others?
  14. Genetic engineering and cloning
  15. The history of vaccination: benefits, dangers, and prejudice
  16. Alternative medicine
  17. Possible ways of medicine development in the future
  18. Biomechanics in medicine
  19. Artificial tissues and organs
  20. Medical treatment of mental diseases: successes and failures
  21. Chronic diseases and treatment of people with them
  22. Palliative treatment
  23. Cancer treatment and research
  24. HIV/AIDS: what methods of treatment can the modern medicine offer?
  25. Alzheimer’s disease: is it possible to battle it?
  26. Rare genetic diseases and their study
  27. Autism: a disease or a variant of the norm?
  28. The modern lifestyle and its influence upon the people’s health
  29. Professional diseases
  30. Stem cells research
  31. Sleep disorders
  32. The role of a healthy diet and sport in the overall health level of the population
  33. The treatment of rabies. The Milwaukee protocol
  34. Coma. Artificial coma
  35. Aging and changes in physical and mental health
  36. The typical health problems of puberty
  37. Assisted suicide as a way of treatment terminal diseases
  38. Brain injuries and their consequences
  39. Smoking, alcohol, and substances abuse and their effects on the human health
  40. Eating disorders: anorexia and bulimia

Other medical research paper topics in 2021

Health research encompasses a wide range of topics. Only a minor portion of it involves the creation of new medications and treatments. There is also a wide range of research being done to better understand the causes and mechanisms of diseases. Are you having trouble deciding on a medical research topic? Take a peek at what the specialists at have put together! Find your perfect idea there, or simply get inspired to come up with your own research question.

1. COVID-19 Medical Topics to Write About

Why is the world experiencing the second and third waves of COVID-19?

  1. Assess the viability and effectiveness of the coronavirus vaccines?
  2. How does washing hands prevent one from contracting COVID-19?
  3. Compare and contrast the point of a surgical mask and one made of cloth
  4. Discuss why there are more COVID-19 related deaths in European countries than African countries
  5. The impact of quarantines on the mental state of a person
  6. What is the maximum number of nasal swabs that a person should take?
  7. Discuss the science behind social distancing in curbing the spread of the virus
  8. Why coronavirus cases are still on the rise despite the availability of vaccines
  9. What determines the immunity of a person against coronavirus?
  10. Evaluate the chances of contracting coronavirus from handling a corpse
  11. Is it possible to eliminate coronavirus?
  12. How effective are the COVID-19 certificates for travelers?
  13. Is it possible to curb the spread of coronavirus in kindergartens?
  14. Critically evaluate COVID-19 treatment and containment measures in developed and developing countries.
  15. The role of researchers in providing medical information during the COVID-19 pandemic
  16. What are the differences between coronavirus and the Spanish flu?
  17. Impact of economic recessions on the containment of the virus
  18. Analyze the roles of various stakeholders in containing coronavirus
  19. Discuss the mutation of the coronavirus


2. Hot Medical Research Paper Topics for College Students

  1. The role of medicine in setting and implementing food standards
  2. What are the critical causes of gluten allergy
  3. Is it ethical to conduct assisted suicide for terminal patients?
  4. Ethical concerns of charging fees for patients who die in the process of treatment
  5. The ethical considerations when conducting a postmortem
  6. How is virtual reality transforming medicine?
  7. An analysis of the myths and misconceptions surrounding medicine?
  8. Why many people are against cloning
  9. Is it legal to use marijuana as a medical product?
  10. Evaluate the benefits and dangers of immunization at a tender age
  11. Is increased life expectancy a burden on the healthcare system?
  12. Analyze the health effects of female genital mutilation
  13. The impact of the environment on human health
  14. How to deal with deafness as a communication disorder
  15. Discuss air pollution in the context of a household
  16. Alcohol control practices
  17. The public danger of diabetes
  18. Urban population and respiratory diseases
  19. Effectiveness of oral health assessments
  20. Unhealthy diets

3. Cancer Research Topics

Are you working on a medical research paper about the causes, diagnosis, treatment, or effects of cancer? Here are popular topics that are simple to research and crucial to medical progress.

  1. of immune system cells to fight cancer
  2. Computational oncology
  3. Metastasis affected by drug resistance
  4. Stem cells – applications for cancer treatment
  5. Tumor microenvironment
  6. Obesity and age in cancer occurrence
  7. Early cancer detection – benefits
  8. Artificial intelligence predicting cancer
  9. Hematologic malignancies
  10. Pathogen-related cancers

4. Mental Health Research Paper Topics

Mental health is one of the most difficult health topics of medicine to understand, and there are seldom as many answers as there are with other medical problems. This extends the field’s study potential by providing more debate subjects.

  1. Causes of anxiety disorders
  2. Bulimia versus anorexia
  3. Childhood trauma
  4. Depression
  5. Mental health public policies
  6. Dementia
  7. Postpartum Depression
  8. Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
  9. Seasonal Affective Disorder
  10. Schizophrenia
  11. he use of animal models in designing new treatments for borderline personality disorder
  12. Managing panic attack
  13. The effects of early stress on the hippocampus
  14. Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing therapy
  15. The combined use of behavioral therapy and medication in adolescents with anxiety
  16. Mental health policies development
  17. What’s the efficacy of lithium as a mood stabilizer in adolescents with bipolar disorder?
  18. The concept of post-traumatic stress disorder
  19. Post-traumatic stress disorder therapy
  20. What are the brain differences in bipolar adolescents with suicidal behavior?
  21. How does PTSD affect the ability to empathize?
  22. Human sexual behavior: sexual disorders
  23. Resilience to stress: genetic and behavioral factors
  24. Dementia with Lewy Bodies and its treatment
  25. The use of brain imaging in depression diagnosis
  26. Mental illness history
  27. What are the genetic factors associated with neuroticism?
  28. Amyloid deposition and Alzheimer’s disease
  29. What is the connection between the immune system and mental health?
  30. How can vulnerability to hallucinations be detected?
  31. Alcoholism: causes and effects
  32. What are the brain wave patterns specific to patients with autistic spectrum disorder?
  33. What is the role of sleep deprivation in developing bipolar disorder?
  34. What are the ways of predicting relapse in patients with depression?

5. The interesting Most schools require a cover public Health Research Topics

  1. The effects of global warming on public health
  2. Inequalities in the Healthcare arena
  3. Efficacy of tobacco carve-out for public health protection
  4. Future trends in healthcare
  5. What infectious diseases are the most threatening for the population?
  6. What are the leading global risks for mortality?
  7. What are the most effective ways of healthy lifestyle promotion?
  8. What are the ways of improving health literacy among individuals with multiple sclerosis?
  9. What is the impact of unsafe water on public health?
  10. Differences in disease management: coronavirus in four countries
  11. Impact of a growing elderly population
  12. What are the effects of vitamin A deficiency in children?
  13. Technological progress as the cause of obesity
  14. What are the effects of excess salt on people’s health?
  15. Healthcare in the United States: timeline and reforms
  16. What’s the connection between age and increased risk of dying from high blood glucose?
  17. Attention deficit disorder and colitis
  18. Promotion of physical activity: new efficient ways

To wrap up

From the all-round list above, you are sure to find a medical research topic that suits you. And if you still find it challenging to write your medical research paper. Contact our experts today.






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