200+ literature research paper topics for every student

Whenever it comes to literature there is an endless number of literature research paper topics you can choose from. You can simply choose the last novel you read or any other piece of writing. However, it is ideal to always choose a research paper topic based on the literature class you are writing for .Choosing an appropriate topic is the key to a good research paper.  In this article we have outlined a complete list of literature research paper topics for you to choose from. But before we get into that, let’s take a look at the tips for choosing English literature research paper topics

Tips for selecting Literature paper Topics

It’s easy to see from your ideation where you need to do further research on the novel itself. Because no one wants to read a paper full of assumptions, you should start researching every topic you aren’t sure about right away.

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200+ literature research paper topics for every student
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Do you know how to define gothic or formal realism? Investigate it further. What did people expect in terms of gender at this point in time? Find out more about it by doing some research. You want to know everything there is to know about your literature review research topic, which means doing much more research than you would if you were reading a novel or two.

Knowing a little about the author’s past also doesn’t hurt. Were they a free thinker or a staunch traditionalist? Was this a well-read book? What kind of impact did it have on the people who read it at the time? Lewis, for example, was taken to court for his book The Monk because of concerns that it had a negative impact on the women who read it. This is not only interesting, but it also pertains to my essay’s chosen research topic of female chastity in English literature.

Doing a little background research on the novel will help you form a thesis for your literature review research paper and point you in the right path for your actual research. Your professor may be a good resource if you still haven’t worked something out at this stage.


Top 10 Literature research paper Topics

Take a look at our list of the best 10 literature research paper topics ever and select the one you like.

  1. Gender issues in European literature.
  2. Psychology and its link to literature.
  3. Difference between villains and antiheroes in modern literature.
  4. Charles Dickens with Victorian art.
  5. The five most significant personality characteristics of Don Quixote.
  6. Poetry from the twenty-first century.
  7. Discuss literature as a component of contemporary culture.
  8. Modern Chinese literature and Daoism
  9. Contemporary feminist literature.
  10. How has literature aided in the advancement of human culture?

British Literature Research Paper Topics

Do you want to write about British literature? If so, here are some great British literature research paper topics:

  1. Describe the Orphans theme’s characteristics.
  2. Cultures that have benefited from British literature.
  3. What distinguishes a book as a classic?
  4. British literature’s utopian civilizations.
  5. Lake Poets and the Romantic Movement in British literature.
  6. Gender concerns in British literature.
  7. Oliver Twist: an examination of individualism and collectivism
  8. Compare two characters from 2 British literary works.

Interesting Literature research paper Topics

Did you realize that surprising or impressing your lecturer often results in bonus points? To achieve this, simply choose one of these interesting research literature research paper topics:

  1. Describe two works of current literature that are masterpieces.
  2. What is literary formalism?
  3. Ethnic identity in contemporary literature.
  4. A comprehensive biography of Solomon Northrup.
  5. Macbeth and the concept of the supernatural.
  6. Social issues in modern literature.

Easy British Literature Essay Topics

The loss of innocence motif (Lord of the Flies by William Golding)

  1. World War I: novelists’ use of harsh images
  2. The popularity of detective fiction.
  3. Conduct an analysis of Macbeth’s three witches.
  4. Describe the class delineation theme.
  5. Discuss the Harry Potter books.

New literature Research paper Topics in English Literature 2021

Do you want some of the best English literature study topics online? Lucky you. We have some new topics for 2021:

  1. Compare and contrast two of your favorite classics.
  2. Describe a poet you admire.
  3. How did Harry Potter become so popular?
  4. Describe your favorite novel character.
  5. The five greatest authors of the modern era.
  6. What attracts you to your favorite book?

Western Literature research paper Topics

It can be a lot of fun to write about Western literature. Here are a few concepts to get you started:

  1. The influence of Paradise Lost on the modern novel
  2. Contrast three literary devices.
  3. What is the Bildungsroman genre?
  4. Discuss Henry Fielding’s novel Tom Jones.
  5. The Lord of the Rings’ artificial language.
  6. William Faulkner’s Absalom, Absalom! – Top 3 themes

Modernist literature research paper Topics

  1. Space age in literature of the 21st century.
  2. Analyze Thomas Hardy’s poems and uncover recurring themes of love and loss.
  3. Identify the characteristics of rustic writing.
  4. The Genesis myth in seventeenth-century literature.
  5. The gendered nature of gothic literature.
  6. The impact of widespread printing on Renaissance literature.

American Literature Research Paper Topics

  1. Puritan themes in Jonathan Edwards’ sermons.
  2. Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway: unbreakable spirit
  3. The Creation: God’s Humanity by James Weldon Johnson
  4. Detailed examination of Colonial-period literature.
  5. Conduct a critical analysis of Edith Wharton’s The Age of Innocence.
  6. I Understand Why the Caged Bird Sings: The Educational Power

Easy American Literature research paper Topics

  1. Discuss the main theme in Hamlet.
  2. The peculiarities of Don Quixote’s personality
  3. Discuss Latin American literature.
  4. Discuss the contemporary literary theory.
  5. Eastern and Western literatures: Parallels and Distinctions
  6. Moby Dick’s top three literary devices.

Literary Analysis Paper Topics

  1. An in-depth examination of a book’s cultural setting.
  2. The Divine Comedy of Dante Alighieri’s significance.
  3. Analyze your favorite book.
  4. Contrast two characters from a literary work that you enjoy.
  5. Analyze the historical context of your favorite book.
  6. Analyze the main idea of a literary work of your choice.

European Literature

  1. Discuss Gilgamesh’s Epic
  2. Discuss Henrik Ibsen.
  3. Discuss the significance of symbolism in European literature.
  4. Examine significant divisions in European literature.
  5. The influence of European literature on contemporary writing.
  6. The peculiarities of European literature in the Middle Ages.

American Literature Research paper Topics for College

  1. Contrast the literatures of the United States and Europe.
  2. American literature’s depictions of war and peace.
  3. American literature’s contribution to comedy.
  4. The representation of women in American literature.
  5. Contrast the literatures of the United States and Asia.
  6. American literature’s critical issues.

Literary Journalism Topics

  1. Create a tale based on a well-known crime.
  2. Examine a current political occurrence.
  3. Compose a sports story.
  4. Describe the history of a significant invention.
  5. Adventure as a creative nonfiction medium.
  6. Create a biography for a writer you admire

World Literature Research paper Topics

  1. Similarities between the Iliad and the Odyssey
  2. Disparities in European and Chinese literature.
  3. Contrast two works of Indian literature that are anti-British.
  4. Contrast literary masterpieces from China and Japan.
  5. What influence did Marx and Engels have on European literature?
  6. American literature’s supernatural and spiritual themes.

Poetry Topics

  1. Interesting features of the Sonnets (Shakespeare)
  2. What is prose poetry?
  3. The influence of Allen Ginsberg on poetry
  4. Examine Sylvia Plath’s poetry.
  5. Modern poetry’s allusions.
  6. Charles Baudelaire’s The Flowers of Evil

Eastern Literature research paper topics

Eastern literature possesses a number of characteristics that are not found elsewhere. If you’re attracted by this and would like to write on Eastern literature, choose one of the following topics:

  1. Distinguish the quirks of Jewish literature.
  2. Motifs in Aladdin.
  3. The philosophy of Daoism in Chinese works.
  4. Khalil Gibran’s biography.
  5. Compare Arabic and Chinese poetry.
  6. Literary devices in Turkish.

African American Literature research paper Topics

  1. Explain the works’ originality in terms of American identity
  2. The Crucible depicts how hysteria can tear a community apart. Explain
  3. Discuss the influence of the African American experience on female writers such as Alice Walker, Zora Neal Hurston, and Toni Morrison.
  4. Examine recurring topics and themes in American literature.
  5. Discuss the Grapes of Wrath’s themes of rage and pity.
  6. Describe how Jonathan Edwards’ sermons exemplify Puritan definitions.
  7. Justify Maya Angelou’s great confidence in the educational power as demonstrated in I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings.
  8. Discuss Washington Irving’s use of historical figures and events as the backdrop for his writings.
  9. Describe how Thornton Wilder portrays life in Our Town as a gift.
  10. Identify the key thematic issues and stylistic forms of American literature from the colonial period to postmodernism.
  11. Identify the central subject of Edith Wharton’s The Age of Innocence.
  12. Draw linkages between the concerns and themes of American literature and the broader historical development and social difficulties of the modern world.
  13. Describe how Sylvia Plath’s Bell Jar exemplifies the social pressures encountered by women in the 1960s.
  14. Eugene O’Neil’s plays are profoundly realistic. Explain
  15. Discuss the primary themes in William Faulkner’s Absalom, Absalom.
  16. Discuss Ernest Hemingway’s portrayal of the unconquerable spirit in Old Man and the Sea.
  17. Examine significant facets of American ideology, notably in pre-twentieth-century literature.
  18. James Weldon Johnson’s poem The Creation humanizes God.
  19. Describe how John Knowles displays the universal consequences of conflict.
  20. Describe how John Steinbeck’s Grapes of Wrath shows the Great Depression’s challenges.

Some of the ideas here are great poetry topics. Nevertheless, they require careful research and analysis to write about.

 Literature research paper Topics for high school

  1. Why is it critical to capture readers with a book’s initial chapter?
  2. Describe what draws you to your favorite book.
  3. Justify why the length of a work of literature has no bearing on its quality.
  4. Which poet is your favorite and why?
  5. Which literary character is your favorite and why?
  6. Pick a favorite character from a book and explain why you like it.
  7. Which literature genre lends itself well to film adaptations?
  8. Why is Harry Potter’s work so popular?
  9. Discuss the top four horror authors.
  10. Describe why the author is more important than the story in determining the quality of a book.
  11. Draw similarities between your favorite novels
  12. Describe the process of creating a high-quality poetry.
  13. Describe why your favorite horror novel is frightening.
  14. Contrast and compare the main characters in your favorite book.
  15. Should readers’ ages be restricted to certain books?
  16. Which five authors are your all-time favorites and why?
  17. Describe why certain books are more difficult to read than others.
  18. Which literary genre is your favorite?
  19. Discuss your favorite authors’ literary works.
  20. What makes certain works of literature difficult to read?

Unique literature Research paper Topics in English Literature

  1. Discuss the author’s autobiography
  2. Justify the use of artificial intelligence in The Lord of the Rings.
  3. Make comparisons between works of a comparable genre.
  4. Examine literary genres and the function of the artist within them.
  5. Using Charles Dickens’ work as a guide, explain the bildungsroman genre’s peculiarities.
  6. Discuss social stratification in relation to Harry Potter.
  7. Examine the literary methods employed in novels.
  8. Discuss the issue of war in international literature.
  9. Emphasize the gender roles of literary characters.
  10. Discuss the influence of the Sherlock Holmes image on the world of detective fiction.

Interesting British Literature Research Paper Topics

  1. Discuss the myth of the Anglo-Saxon oral poet.
  2. Discuss the issue of infidelity in Nathaniel Hawthorne’s Scarlet Letter.
  3. Discuss the various writers’ perspectives on the Utopian civilization concept.
  4. Discuss the image of Victorian England via the lens of Charles Dickens’s books.
  5. Discuss the use of violent imagery in World War I poetry.
  6. Discuss how King Lear demonstrates the distinction between anti-heroes and villains.
  7. Discuss the subject of orphans in light of the Oliver Twist character.
  8. The Literature of the Three Medieval Centuries in Britain
  9. Explain how literature contributes to male chauvinism.
  10. Discuss the influence of British literature on various civilizations.
  11. In his works, how did Charles Dickens depict Victorian England?
  12. Discuss the loss of innocence in William Golding’s Lord of the Flies.
  13. Use British English literature to establish social identity
  14. Discuss how British literature has tackled concerns of gender equality.
  15. Who are the central characters in the works of Lake Poets?
  16. The natural environment as portrayed in English-language British literature
  17. Discuss how Charlotte Bronte’s writings portray love and romance
  18. Typical characters from World War I and II literature
  19. How religion and literature are inextricably linked
  20. Distinguishing fan fiction from other literary genres
  21. Discuss the significance of Shakespeare’s writings
  22. Choose two well-known British books and compare the characters in them
  23. What is the difference between utopian and dystopian literature?
  24. Why are sex and romance the most popular literary genres?
  25. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of literature to society
  26. Discuss the subject of individualism vs. collectivism in Oliver Twist.
  27. Describe the characteristics of William Shakespeare—include facts and myths
  28. Describe how Greek and Roman literature inspired Western literature
  29. Describe how Victorian period works influenced modern literary works
  30. Class divisions in the eighteenth century—the retribution theme

Discuss why ‘Harry Potter’ remains so popular.

  1. Discuss the subject of talent in Milton’s On His Blindness.
  2. Using the Harry Potter books as an example, explain why certain works of literature are regarded classics.
  3. What role did the supernatural play in Macbeth: three witches as case studies
  4. Review of Lady Macbeth in William Shakespeare’s works 35. Discuss why detective novels gained appeal in the nineteenth century.

Children literature research paper topics

There are countless special topics to choose from. The list below represents a few suggestions.

  1. The fundamental distinctions between children’s and young adult literature.
  2. The primary characteristics of children’s poetry.
  3. How is a family depicted in contemporary children’s literature?
  4. A phenomenon associated with children’s detective fiction.
  5. Key ideas of childhood are illustrated through contemporary children’s novels.
  6. A technique for incorporating mysticism into children’s novels.
  7. Developing a Theory of Children’s Literature
  8. The origins and major historical milestones of children’s literature.
  9. The mythological and folkloric influences on children’s literature.
  10. Contribution of Lewis Carroll to the development of the fairy tale genre.
  11. Use of children’s literature for educational and pedagogical purposes.
  12. Various approaches to analyzing children’s literature.
  13. Fairy Tales & Adaptations of Fairy Tales
  14. How does a children’s book’s popularity change as a result of its film adaptation?
  15. Children’s Literature as a Source of Moral Instruction
  16. A comparative study of how death is revealed in adult and children’s literature.
  17. The notion of Good and Evil in contemporary children’s literature.
  18. Can children’s comic strips be considered a form of children’s literature?
  19. Rudyard Kipling’s literary legacy includes children’s stories.
  20. In Young Adult Literature, the Individual vs. Society
  21. Gender Issues in Children’s Literature
  22. Aspects of the heroic motif in children’s literature that are peculiar.
  23. Young Adult Literature as a Genre
  24. Representations of Race and Culture in Children’s and Young Adult Literature
  25. What are the most popular genres of children’s literature today?
  26. A chronology of the most illustrious American children’s authors and their place in the history of children’s literature.
  27. The role of illustrations in children’s literature.

Medieval Literature Research Paper Topics

  1. Understanding Knights and Knighthood in Medieval Literature
  2. Understanding the rules of courtly love in medieval literature
  3. Understanding the move from Middle Ages to Renaissance
  4. The Medieval Period: Ages of Reason/Ages of Faith
  5. What were the Dark Ages
  6. Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales
  7. What was Gilgamesh? How does it relate to Medieval Literature?
  8. Poetry in the Medieval Period
  9. The importance of Latin in Medieval literature
  10. Religion in medieval literature
  11. Writers in the Medieval Period: A General overview
  12. 12th Century Medieval Literature
  13. Beowulf and Our Understanding of the Medieval Period
  14. Secular texts of the Medieval Period
  15. French poetry and medieval literature
  16. The four humors and their importance in medieval literature
  17. St. Augustine and the Two Kinds of Love
  18. Allegories and Medieval Literature
  19. The Sin of Wrath in Medieval Literature

Things to remember when choosing a literature research paper topic

  1. Ensure that you have a sufficient amount of relevant data to do research on your chosen topic.
  2. Choose a topic that is as closely related to your particular academic goals and interests as possible.
  3. Choose a subject that relates to the path of your course.
  4. Before selecting a topic, consider the amount of time available for doing the study.
  5. Remain in a field in which you have sufficient experience.
  6. Avoid covering an obviously broad subject unless you are confident in your academic talents for this assignment.
  7. Concentrate on a subject about which you are truly enthusiastic and passionate.

To wrap up

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