50+ Most Popular World History Topics In 2021

50+ Most Popular World History Topics In 2021

Giving yourself the opportunity to choose a world history topic may appear enticing at first, but it can quickly become puzzling. Of course, choosing a topic for a history essay is a simple task, but if you want to achieve a good mark, you’ll need some good world history topic ideas. For that reason, we have compiled a list of good world history topics, divided them into time periods, and now recommend that you use them to work on your own history paper.

The Challenges of Writing a world history paper

Writing about history can appear to be a daunting endeavor at first glance. The scope of history’s subject matter is vast, covering every aspect of human life in the past that has been documented – up until the point where you began reading this guide.

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50+ Most Popular World History Topics In 2021
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No history can ever claim to be comprehensive or universal if it relies on records that no single person has access to. Historical material is partially irretrievable in this way. There is no way for a researcher to go back in time and see what it was like unless time travel is invented. Researchers must rely on the few complete records that have been preserved from the time period they are researching. These records only tell half of the narrative.

Therefore, selection and interpretation must be the driving principles of all historical writing: the careful selection of history topics and problems that seem most fascinating and the responsible interpretation of sources to build significant arguments and topical choices regarding what to include and what to leave out and how to interpret history make it possible to write about it at all.

List of Intriguing World History Essay Topics for High School

Students in high school should brace themselves for some terrible news: world history essays will be a vital part of their future. Since history is typically taught through developments and ideas, professors frequently give history essays.

While a world history essay may be the first time a student encounters this style of writing, it will not be the last. Students should consider the following world history topics ideas before beginning their essay.

  1. What was the role of the United States in the establishment of Panama?
  2. What elements aided William the Conqueror’s ascent to power as England’s first king?
  3. As a result of World War I, what generation became known as the “Lost Generation?”
  4. What was the Renaissance patronage system like?
  5. The Bubonic Plague had a profound impact on European society.
  6. What was the impact of smallpox on America’s colonization?
  7. What was Pol Pot’s contribution to the modernization of Cambodia? Which part of the country was he responsible for ruining?
  8. In Jamaica’s past, what role did slavery and slave revolts play?
  9. What was the role of the Catholic Church in Medieval Europe’s governance?
  10. Do you know what started America’s rise to colonial supremacy with the Spanish-American War?
  11. How did the topography of ancient Greece influence Greek history?
  12. After World War I, why did the United Kingdom abandon the gold standard?
  13. What was the Tokugawa shogunate’s significance in Japan’s past?
  14. What impact did medieval canon law have on marriage’s legal status?
  15. After World War II, why did the United States force Japan to adopt Article IX?
  16.  How did Karl Marx’s authoring of the Communist Manifesto influence the Industrial Age?
  17. What factors contributed to the Panic of 1819, which resulted in the United States’ first economic downturn?
  18. In what ways have Sino-Japanese ties changed throughout time?
  19. What role did World War I play in the outbreak of World War II?
  20. When the French Revolution began, how was it influenced by the ideas of the Enlightenment and philosophers like Jean-Jacques Rousseau?
  21. What was the Christmas Truce, and why did it happen during World War II?
  22.  Outside of Europe, was the Dark Ages a period of cultural regression?
  23. The influence of Buddhism on the Chinese Empire is discussed in detail in Quest
  24. Is it true that pirates in 16th-century Europe were looked upon as either Robin Hoods or barbarians?
  25. Compared to the function of serfs in Russia, how important were peasants in Western Europe?
  26. The Golden Age played what part in the growth of Western Civilization?
  27.  Which factors led to the end of apartheid in South Africa came

Ancient World History topics

  1. Geography and Agriculture of Ancient Egypt
  2. Society in Ancient Egypt
  3. Water Sources Value for Central Anatolia
  4. Development of Ancient Egypt
  5. Gods and Religion of Ancient Egypt
  6. Describe State Organization of Ancient Egypt
  7. Work Organization in the Middle Kingdom, Ancient Egypt
  8. Women Role in Prehistoric Britain
  9. From Assyria to Byzantium: Study of Power in Empires
  10. American Discovery of Ancient Egypt
  11. Religion and Prophets
  12. Near Eastern Civilizations Analysis
  13. Symbolism in Ancient Egypt
  14. Responsibilities Distribution in Iron Age
  15. Palestine History
  16. Sumerian Culture and Traditions
  17. Death and Immortality in Ancient Egypt
  18. Housing and Architecture of Ancient Egypt

Ancient Greece history essay topics

Ancient Greek Architecture

Ancient Greek Art and Culture

The Pantheon of the Greeks and Religion

The Myths and Legends of Athens

The Acropolis’s History

Greek agriculture in the Classical Period

Ancient Greece mythology

Greek philosophers of antiquity

Ancient Rome history essay topics

1. Roman Army Organization

2. The Roman Empire’s Relationship with Religion and God

3. Ancient Roman State Governance

Roman Empire Decay: Four Crucial Factors

Invasion and Impact of the Roman Empire in Other Cultures

6. Rome’s Historical and Cultural Foundations

7. Julius Caesar’s mpact on Roman History

The Middle Ages time period world history essay topics

1.   During the middle Ages, the Church played a significant role. The Inquisition of St. Peter

2.   Medieval Death and Life

3.   The economy in the Middle Ages

4.   Contrast Medieval Times with Renaissance Times

5.   The Middle Ages’ Crusades: Their Motives and Outcomes

6.   The Middle Ages as a time of great progress.

7.   Middle-Age Knights

8.   Literature and medieval history

History events in the U.S. essay topics

The American involvement in the Vietnam War

Describe White-Native American Interactions

History of Colonial America in the United States

World War II; George Washington in the American Revolution; and

English Society in the Colonial Era

Old city structures

The Causes and Consequences of the American Civil War

Puritanism and American Values: A Comparison

Before European Settlement in the Atlantic World

Latin American- World History essay topics

1.   Abolishing Slavery as a Form of Employment

2.   Guatemalan Colonization

3.   Aztec-Maya Empire

4.   War Between the United States and Mexico

5.   The Colonial Period in Latin America (1521-1810)

6.   Latin America Prior to the Spanish Conquest

7.   Invasion of the United States in 1989

8.   Latin American Historic Cities.

Modern world history essay topics

  1. Social Inequality Reasons
  2. Reasons for Syrian Conflict
  3. Chernobyl Explosion
  4. Patriot Act Analysis
  5. Great Recession
  6. Globalization Negative Role
  7. From Ground Zero: Rebuilding United States
  8. Evolving Role of NATO for World Community
  9. U.S. Involvement in Afghanistan
  10. Cultural Changes in Modern World

U.S. Civil War

1. What Lies Behind Alabama Claims

2. Battle of Chancellorsville

3. Confederate Monuments in the United States

4. History Before 1877:

5. Mary Chestnut Personality

6. Abraham Lincoln’s Assassination

7. Atlanta Campaign Key Figures

8. Homestead Act

9. Civil War Facts and Controversies

10. Civil War and Its Legacy

World History Research Paper Topics

  1. South America Colonization
  2. Religion and Crusades
  3. Use of Weapons in Ancient Civilizations
  4. Britain and Spain in Battle of the Seas
  5. Causes of Thirty Years War
  6. Mexican-American War
  7. Social Relationships in Medieval Europe
  8. Cold War Aftershocks
  9. Bridal Ceremonies in Ancient Rome
  10. Apartheid Impact

European world History topics

1. 19th century Europe Literacy

2. French Revolution: Force Distribution

3. Catholic Church and Witch Hunts

4. Western Theories Propaganda

5. Military Innovations Between World War I and World War II

6. Gender bias in England of 17th century

7. Europe Nationalistic Trends

8. Women Civil Rights in 18th century France

9. Empiricism Rise in Europe

10. Mid-Tudor Crises Analysis

History topics in World War II

1. Strategy in Battle of Kursk

2. Civilians Role in Strategic Battles

3. Economic Cause in Second World War

4. Japanese Americans in WWII

5. Anne Frank’s Diary

6. Role of Women in World War II

7. Arnhem Battle

8. Pearl Harbour Legacy

9. Attu battle

10. American Reaction on Holocaust

African American History Essay Topics

1. Angela Davis

2. RFK Speech

3. African American Women in Art and Literature

4. 14th Amendment

5. Civil Rights Act of 1964

6. Black History Legends and Cultural Traits

7. Abolitionist Movement

8. Black History Month Origin

9. Dr. Martin Luther King

10. Black Codes

World History topics – United States

1. Industrialization Effects on American Social Movements

2. United States and Slavery

3. Interwar Period Analysis

4. Civil War Causes

5. Ethics and Vietnam War

6. Native American Cultural Impact

7. Declaration of Independence 1776

8. Emancipation Proclamation of 1863

9. American South Religious Practices

10. Revolutionary War Personalities

American Revolution Battles & Key Events history essay research topics

1. Townshend Acts Analysis

2. Bunker Hill Battle

3. Boston Tea Party

4. Camden Battle

5. Long Island Battle

6. Saratoga Battle

7. Alexander Hamilton’s Role

8. Benedict Arnold

9. Trenton and Princeton Battles

10. Charles Cornwallis

20th Century History essay Topics

  1. Chicano Movement Impact
  2. Veterans Day History
  3. Democratic Movements Uprising
  4. Russian Revolution and Labor Class
  5. Nuclear Age Cause and Effect
  6. McKinley Role for American Imperialism
  7. Economic Depression Causes
  8. Hiroshima and Nagasaki Events
  9. Reasons Behind Dictatorship
  10. Organized Crime in American Society (1920s)


  • Dot-Com Bubble
  • Apple Computer



  1. Guantanamo Bay
  2. Taste of Chicago
  3. B.P. Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill
  4. Islam
  5. Christianity
  6. 2009 Iranian Presidential Elections
  7. Chicago
  8. Disasters
  9. Academy Awards
  10. Prophet Muhammad
  11. Ralston
  12. Protestantism
  13. Chrysler Cars
  14. Naval Battles
  15. Porsche
  16. Nissan Cars
  17. Air Disasters
  18. Mercedes-Benz Cars
  19. Ford Motor Company
  20. Popes
  21. Cars
  22. Nuclear Proliferation
  23. Ponzi Schemes
  24. Deaths
  25. Catholicism
  26. Swine Flu H1N1
  27. Gay Pride Parades
  28. Dole Food Company
  29. Assassinations
  30. Apollo Missions
  31. Nobel Peace Prize
  32. New Seven Wonders of the World
  33. Seven wonders of the Ancient World
  34. Volvo cars
  35. Jewish History

 World History Term Paper Topics

Here are some excellent suggestions for furthering you

1. The birth of modern sports in Ancient Rome.

2. How did the conquests of Alexander the Great affect the ancient world?

3. Life and Death in Ancient Egypt. Explain the life of different classes in the Old Kingdom, their religious beliefs, warfare, civil life, etc.

4. Rise of Christianity in the Roman Empire. Reasons behind its spread across the Empire.

5. The World Wars of the XXth century and their influence on the modern world.

6. The Black Death, the Late Medieval demographic crises, and the standard of living controversies.

7. Qing Empire: the last dynasty of China.

8. The era of Holy Crusades. Analyze their goals and impact.

9. The rise of Babylonian and Assyrian empires.

10. Medicine and spiritualism in Ancient Rome.

11. Women’s roles in the societies of Early Antiquity.

12. The Borgia family. Their impact on Renaissance Italy.

13. Rise of the Russian Empire and Peter I. Dive into events that lead to the creation of the Russian Empire and Peter I character.

14. Cultural and trade connections between Rome and Ancient China.

15. Liberty! The American Revolution. Dive into the exciting period of American history that defined the nation. Explore precursors and main events of the American Revolution.

16. Great Italian painters of the Renaissance. Study and analyze their characters, works, relations with influential families and the Pope.

17. Means of Warfare and violence in ancient times.

18. Technological military advancements of the XVII-XVIII centuries. Spanish Tercio and invention of the flintlock.

19. Life and death of Prophet Muhammad. His influence on the minds of Arab tribes.

20. Art in Rome and Greece. The pinnacle of human thought.

21. Religious customs of the Roman Empire and its successors.

22. Weapons and warfare of the Medieval Era. Analyze weapons and means of warfare in the Medieval Era, their use, and evolution.

23. The religion of Islam. Geopolitical reasons behind the rise of Islam in the Arabian Peninsula.

24. Region of Ancient Mesopotamia. Sumerian and Akkadian civilizations.

25. Psychological impacts of Christianity and Islam on the Medieval world.

26. Reconquista of Spain and Age of Discovery. Talk about these events and explain their connection.

27. King Richard I and Saladin. A rivalry between great leaders. Analyse and compare the personalities of both Richard I and Saladin, describe their relationship.

28. The rise of the Sassanid Empire. Its political system, military, and Parthian heritage.

29. Law and Order in Rome.

30. The post-World War II nuclear arms race.

World History Research Paper Topics

There have been a lot of interesting things that have happened in world history. To learn more about them, do some in-depth research and analysis.

The following are excellent research world history:

  1. Gilgamesh was the first king to rule over the Sumerian people. His character and actions speak for themselves. Despite his age, why is he still a beloved figure in pop culture?
  2. A brief history of Roman-era engineering Investigate the engineering solutions that Rome employed to achieve cultural, political, and military dominance.
  3. In ancient Rome, there was a family institute. Investigate the Organization of a Roman household and learn about the daily routine of Roman residents.
  4. The Rome’s Circus Maximus.
  5. T.E. Lawrence and the Arab World’s Quest for self-determination. Learn about Thomas Edward Lawrence’s personality and career.
  6. Changing philosophies in Europe and the United States.
  7. Afghanistan and Iraq wars have had an impact on the United States’ economic well-being.
  8. The impact of the American Civil War on American society.
  9. There was a clear Athens and Sparta power base that ruled over the rest of Greece.
  10. 10.The ancient Egyptian pharaohs.
  11. 11.The increase in the number of people speaking Indo-European languages
  12. 12.The most powerful civilizations in Bronze Age Europe.
  13. 13.The Abbasid Caliphate lasted from 711 until 858 CE, and it was during this time that Islam began to evolve.
  14. 14.The character of Julius Caesar and the impact he had on the city of Rome
  15. 15.The role of women during World War II.
  16. 16.Alexander the Great, the father of Western Civilization, was born in 323 BCE.
  17. 17.The Meiji Restoration in Japan followed the Japanese Revolution.
  18. 18.Bronze Age Jewish kingdoms and tribes.
  19. 19.Roman imperialism has its roots in antiquity. Describe Rome’s global expansion and the implications of that success.
  20. 20.American attitudes about the Vietnam War and the anti-war movement.
  21. 21.The Dark Ages were European history’s crowning achievements.
  22. 22.Cold War espionage
  23. How the Soviet Union and the United States kept tabs on one another through the use of espionage.
  24. The character and acts of Constantine the Great.
  25. The War for the Succession of the Spanish Empire. Talk about an important time in European history and why the global influence of Spain began to wane.
  26. The history of ancient Greece.
  27. The Caribbean in the XVIIIth century was a haven for pirates.
  28. After World War II, Germany was denazified. Find out how successful Germany’s post-World War II denazification efforts were.

How to write a world history research paper essay

World history topics come in a variety of styles and sizes. Some papers are narrative (structured like a story around a chronology or series of events). In contrast, others are analytical (structured like an essay around the topic’s inherent logic).

Naturally, various types of history papers involve varying levels of research, analysis, and interpretation. Despite this diversity, historical arguments frequently take on a consistent structure. Consider these approaches as ready-made suits that you can try on and adapt to your assignment’s specifications.

Once you’ve chosen a viable argument, present it plainly and succinctly in your thesis statement. This initial declaration of your thesis nearly always appears in the first paragraph(s) of a shorter essay or the first part of a lengthier document.

How to Start a World History Paper?

To start a comprehensive paper:

You’ve chosen a world history topic to write about. But how do you start drafting the paper? How do you compose an educational and entertaining essay? To win your professor’s respect and a good grade,

Having reliable and full sources is crucial for historical papers. Keep an open mind and double-check your work. Find reliable secondary and primary sources and double-check facts if in doubt.

Prepare an essay outline with your major world history topics in mind. Make a list of themes for your paper. They’ll help you figure out your piece’s overall structure, making it easy for the reader.

Find evidence to back up your allegations (use reliable sources).

Make a mental outline. Even if you have no trouble writing the body of your paper, make an outline. A comprehensive plan saves time and effort.

Introduce your speech’s topic. Introduce yourself clearly and concisely. An attention-grabbing sentence or paragraph. Avoid generalizations and vague language.

Analyze your obtained data. Many students fall into the trap of just reciting events rather than delving deeper into their meaning. It’s necessary to include some background information to help readers grasp what happened, but not too much. Perform investigation and analysis on the content before writing it down.

Use writing prompts to spark your imagination. New world history writers can look for examples or suggestions to guide them. Start your essay with one of our questions.

Write a short and focused thesis statement. The quality of your thesis determines the project’s outcome. Remember to answer the paper’s main question and explain your viewpoint on a subject. After stating your main idea, elaborate on it in each paragraph.

Avoid misusing your sources and citing them excessively. Quotes should not exceed 10% of the whole text. Use them to support your case. Remember that the main purpose of your work is to analyze.

To wrap up

Of course, these are far not all existing world history topics, and there are many more. Get in touch with our professional essay editing service for ideas help. You’ll receive more world history research paper topics and essay writing help adjusted per your personal preferences.







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