Liberty University PSYC

Liberty University PSYC 210 Quiz 6

· Question 1

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Liberty University PSYC
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1 out of 1 points

Most emerging adults struggle with _____, however, adults gradually master it as their cognition matures.

· Question 2

1 out of 1 points

Which individual is most likely to be an STI vector?

· Question 3

1 out of 1 points

Geraldine is a medical intern who believes that all people deserve access to medical care, but she also knows that throughout her career she will have to make decisions about which patients will receive a scarce, life-saving medication. Reconciling these two thoughts requires _____.

· Question 4

1 out of 1 points

Of the college students below, who is most likely to “hook up?”

· Question 5

1 out of 1 points

Which statement made by a teacher is MOST likely to activate stereotype threat?

· Question 6

1 out of 1 points

Traditional models of formal operational thinking value _____ thought and devalue _____ thought.

· Question 7

1 out of 1 points

Fighting between romantic partners that is brought on more by the situation than by the deep personality problems of the individuals is referred to as _____.

· Question 8

1 out of 1 points

What is the correct sequential progression of intimacy?

· Question 9

0 out of 1 points

For all adults, including emerging adults, chronological age is _____.

· Question 10

1 out of 1 points

The recent effort by countries around the world to increase the number of young people attending college is prompted by national governments’ belief in _____.

· Question 11

1 out of 1 points

Which phenomenon has contributed to the worldwide spread of sexually transmitted infections?

· Question 12

1 out of 1 points

Recently, which age group has the highest rate of unemployment?

· Question 13

1 out of 1 points

After auditioning for a play Carlos hears Henrietta say, “Carlos was the worst actor at the auditions! I can’t believe that he got the lead!” Carlos thinks, “I know I am a fine actor. Henrietta is just upset right now because she did not get a part in the play.” Carlos is using _____.

· Question 14

1 out of 1 points

According to Erikson, once an emerging adult has established a sense of identity, he or she needs to resolve which crisis?

· Question 15

1 out of 1 points

A series of questions designed to assess respondents’ level of moral development by having them rank possible solutions to moral dilemmas is the _____ Test.

· Question 16

1 out of 1 points

The Western ideal is _____ love.

· Question 17

1 out of 1 points

Joel was a very aggressive 4-year-old boy. During emerging adulthood, he is LEAST likely to _____.

· Question 18

1 out of 1 points

Young adults whose parents were immigrants must reconcile their _____ with their new social context in order to achieve ethnic identity.

· Question 19

1 out of 1 points

Sara is a successful, conscientious college student with good time management skills. According to the text, Sara is likely to be attending college _____.

· Question 20

1 out of 1 points

Dimitri, age 24, is studying to take the exam in order to become a certified public accountant. According to John Holland’s six categories of people, Dimitri is MOST likely in the _____ category.

· Question 21

1 out of 1 points

About _____ percent of all emerging U.S. adults are within the normal range for body weight.

· Question 22

1 out of 1 points

Raul’s family maintains a strong Hispanic identity. To increase his chances of doing well in college he should _____.

· Question 23

1 out of 1 points

Which statement about personality in emerging adulthood is TRUE?

· Question 24

1 out of 1 points

Which approach to studying cognitive development would be most likely to include tests that ask individuals to define the word “elementary” or make a design with blocks as shown on a picture?

· Question 25

1 out of 1 points

In what proportion of families around the world does arranged marriage occur?

· Question 26

1 out of 1 points

Who is most likely going to come up with multiple solutions for helping a child learn how to read?

· Question 27

1 out of 1 points

Historically, peak newborn survival occurred when mothers were _____ years old at the time of birth.

· Question 28

1 out of 1 points

Beginning around age 25, the maximum heart rate _____ and the resting heart rate _____.

· Question 29

1 out of 1 points

According to Fowler’s religious stages, faith, like other aspects of cognition, progresses from a(n) _____ view of life to a(n) _____ view.

· Question 30

1 out of 1 points

In a large study, about 95 percent of 18- to 24-year-olds reported no activity limitations due to _____, a rate far better than that of any other age group.

· Question 31

1 out of 1 points

Identify what could be a possible reaction to stereotype threat.

· Question 32

1 out of 1 points

Erikson’s fifth stage of development is _____.

· Question 33

1 out of 1 points

Before they reach age 30, about _____ percent of U.S. residents suffer from a mood disorder like mania, bipolar disorder, or major depression.

· Question 34

1 out of 1 points

Anthropologists distinguish between _____, or marriage within the same tribe or ethnic group, and _____, marriage outside the group.

· Question 35

1 out of 1 points

Rachel’s parents always vote for the same political party, but since going to college she has identified a set of issues that are very important to her at election time. Rachel has developed her own _____ identity.

· Question 36

1 out of 1 points

Approximately what percentage of 18- to 25-year-olds in the United States and Canada are of African, Latino, Asian, or Native American (or, in Canada, First Nations) descent?

· Question 37

1 out of 1 points

Delilah is currently a 22-year-old college student. Like most of her peers she believes that premarital sex is _____.

· Question 38

1 out of 1 points

Emerging adulthood _____.

· Question 39

1 out of 1 points

Dr. Marquette is a researcher who studies the encoding, storage, and retrieval of information throughout life. What approach to cognitive development does she take?

· Question 40

1 out of 1 points

Dr. Wegman told her students that they could complete an assignment now and earn 10 points, or complete the assignment in a month and earn 15 points. The majority of students said they preferred to complete the assignment now, demonstrating _____.

· Question 41

1 out of 1 points

Due to a job loss and divorce, 25-year-old Luke has been under an enormous amount of stress, yet he still feels good physically. The fact that Luke’s body can continue to function well under this stress is likely due to _____.

· Question 42

1 out of 1 points

EJ attends community college, working on a degree in automotive technology. He plans to take a series of rigorous national exams in order to become a master technician. According to John Holland’s six categories of people, EJ is MOST likely in the _____ category.

· Question 43

1 out of 1 points

What percentage of emerging adults reach the standard of exercising 30 minutes a day, five days a week?

· Question 44

1 out of 1 points

Although the health of many emerging adults is good, some may be diagnosed with a chronic disease. All of the following are common diagnoses for this age group EXCEPT _____.

· Question 45

1 out of 1 points

Who is most likely to experience the strongest benefits from college?

· Question 46

1 out of 1 points

Knowing someone well, and sharing secrets as well as physical attention in a reciprocal nature, is consistent with which aspect of love?

· Question 47

1 out of 1 points

Rachel dreaded going to her college psychology class with Dr. Marco. Professor Marco lectured for the entire 50 minutes about research findings and she did not always understand the information. One day, Professor Marco included personal stories in his lecture to illustrate the research concepts. Rachel found that she was better able to understand the material and think critically about it. She learned more when Dr. Marco used ____ in class.

· Question 48

1 out of 1 points

Robert is just leaving his 11:00 a.m. college class and he is extremely hungry. He heads over to the cafeteria and orders a meal. After eating for about 10 minutes Robert is feeling full and decides not to finish the entire meal. Robert’s behavior is likely under the influence of his _____.

· Question 49

1 out of 1 points

Janel is a 19-year-old who has developed a fear of interacting with people. She is most likely experiencing _____.

· Question 50

1 out of 1 points

All members of a family have _____, as the experiences and needs of individuals at one stage of life are affected by all those at other stages.

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